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What The Water Gave Me

*(She liked it more when I explained that Mona Vanderwaal is my Spirit Animal, because even for her very first and only episode, it is immediately obvious that this is true.)


The girls flop around with their bags and act entitled for awhile, before Spencer finally says it's time to go steal the motel's registration book: Her reasoning is that maybe Ali wasn't here to hide from A, exactly, but maybe to hide something or do something weird. Considering that Spencer and Toby did the exact same thing as Ali, to spy on Jenna, not five minutes ago -- remember how there was a recording of the recorder, and Toby took off his shirt for no reason? -- it's a little irksome that she takes most of the episode to figure out that Ali was actually there spying on A, who has been long-term renting Room Two as her private lair.

Aria: "Well, obviously I'm coming with you."
Spencer: "What now? You're volunteering to take part in this television show we are on? I am proud."
Aria: "It won't last. Ladies?"
Emily & Hanna: "The emotionally fragile lesbian and the pampered dumb blonde are not leaving this room, thanks."
A: "Which is perfect, since I'm totally watching you through a rather huge hole in the wall."

Hanna: "I'm going to take a shower, in case the Psycho parallels are too subtle."
Emily: "Cool. I'm going to get a mystery call from that person pretending to be my dead girlfriend and wander off like I always do, leaving you all alone, naked, in the middle of the actually-called-this Lost Woods."

A: "For my part, I am going to stare at Hanna from right outside the shower, because this show can be real fucking eerie sometimes."


According to the book, Ali stayed there twice. The first time was when she set up that meeting with A in Brookhaven -- as we'll see later, via unbelievably unreliable narrator -- and then I guess the second time was on the day she did every single thing that a person can do, all in one day. Took up Zumba. Taught a looming class. Made a breakfast quesadilla. Sold some books back. Cobbled.

Emily & Hanna: "For this episode, we are best friends. Which is lucky, because Aria and Spencer are going to end up fine as usual, and as usual we are going to have the shit kicked out of us, body and soul. Let's go to the Dance together, since my boyfriend is bi-coastal and your girlfriend is among the elderly. And the vanished."

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