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What The Water Gave Me


Spencer: "Toby, I'm really sorry about breaking up with you that time and then making out with you and then you fell off a building so I broke up with you and Emily told you I was with Wren. Right up until then I was a hero, but the Wren part makes your anger make a lot more sense."
Toby: "I don't want to talk to you overmuch."
Spencer: "Are you taking your sister as your date to the Masquerade Ball? That's me trying to be totally cool about your sick, sad life."
Toby: "I don't dance. That involves jubilation, which is the one thing my crazy face can't do."
Spencer: "Well, Jenna likes me now. Not to be That Girl Who Talks Like A 2008 Shonda Rhimes Character, but you don't have to be That Guy Who Won't Let People In!"
Toby: "I'm not being That Guy. I'm not being any Type of Guy. I just hate you. It's pretty simple."

Moments later, Toby gets a call from Dr. Therapy Anne. Which... Who knows. Just who the fuck knows.


Blind people totally can drive. It's actually quite ableist of you to think otherwise. I'm surprised, frankly. So Jenna drives her car all over the place, bumping pedestrians, overturning applecarts, on her way to some lovely park where she hands a mysterious person a mysterious package and says mysteriously, as though anybody can hear them talking: "I've thought about this moment so many times, wondering what I would say to you if I saw you again. They're all gonna be at the party. You know what you need to do."

No idea. Something to do with the Black Swan, maybe? It's A-Team work, that's for sure, but I couldn't tell ya more than that. Jenna slinks around the dance her own crazy self, and nobody's the wiser even though she stands around chattin' up Lucas and looking at things with her eyes, but I think this is about the Black Swan, and we don't find out who that is -- although I'm glad it's happening, because Swan Lake makes even more sense as a PLL reference than it did with Gossip Girl, where it was awesome.


Liars: "Ironically, we're trying to track down somebody at a dance where we can't tell who anybody is. Hey, where's Melissa? At home? Cool. Now, it would be dangerous for us to split up, and A told us not to split up, and none of us have dates so there's no reason we would split up anyway, because that would be awkward, so I guess the first thing we should do is ... split up."

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