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What The Water Gave Me

Mona, driving her: "Mwah hah hahah!"


Harold, on Kindness: "It's kind of you to take the time to sit with me."
Harold, on Loneliness: "I find myself talking to these stuffed creatures."
Spencer: "Well, I guess you really only have to worry if they start to talk back to you."
Harold, on Humor: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Mona appears with the key to Room #2, and Spencer abruptly puts down her clearly roofied teacup because she doesn't have time for any monkey business right now.



Instead, I will say that Spencer is wearing a lovely sparkly black thing, Emily has some boob problems going on in her lovely blue gown, Hanna is wearing a white Juliet number with a garland of flowers in her hair, and Aria of course is wearing a geometric Queen of Hearts red/black dress that somebody noted looks a lot like one of the foreign posters for Black Swan, the movie. Hmm.


Even though Emily made a joke about how she wasn't going to dress up as a guy to complete Hanna's Romeo & Juliet costume -- which Caleb ended up doing anyway -- Paige shows up dressed as a dude. I'm not a lesbian, but I think I get it more now because Paige looks fine as hell.


Is a-mazing, a-stonishing, and a-bsolutely bananas. Clown head! A million pictures of Alison with the eyes stabbed out! Dollhouse with Bratz dolls of the Liars sitting in it! Every photo we've seen and tons we haven't, tons of spycraft and surveillance equipment, the burlap Babyface costume from Halloween, monsters and demons and shadows everywhere! Newspapers arranged hilariously in chronological order: GIRL LOST! GIRL STILL MISSING! GIRL FOUND STRANGLED WITH SKULL CAVED IN!

Mona: "Oh my God. This is crazytown."
Spencer: "Bingo."


Paige: "Sorry about kissing you the other night while you were flipping out about Maya."
Emily: "No prob."
Paige: "Sorry about stalking you that time in the rain and acting like a loony-bird.
Emily: "No prob."
Paige: "Sorry about the time my dad tried to punch you in the caf."
Emily: "No prob."
Paige: "Sorry about dumping you for no reason but my own internalized homophobia."
Emily: "No prob."
Paige: "Sorry about when I drowned you."
Emily: "When you put it all together like that, you are the Worst!"
Paige: "Sorry."
Emily: "That's okay, we can still be friends."

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Pretty Little Liars




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