Pretty Little Liars
What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?

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Let The Elevator Bring Us Down
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Spencer is losing her mind, now that she knows for sure Toby is a full member of the A-Team and probably never loved her at all -- and now that Mona's taken over her role as queen of the Academic Decathlon and is engineering her further downfall. Hanna's obsessed with reconnecting Caleb with his hot werewolf father. Aria's penchant for hanging around Ezra's apartment stepped itself up a notch when his hot little brother decided he was gonna hang around there too. Emily managed to figure out that Alison got knocked up by Detective Wilden in Cape May -- although it was Spencer who bitchily told their brother Jason about it -- and randomly figured out that there's an entire team of As, and that they're being led by Red Coat Girl.


Liars: "I wonder if Spencer is even coming to school today."
Hanna: "Well, nobody's bleeding or running away..."
Aria: "Just ignore her. Give her space. Or find Toby. Whatever it takes to stop talking about her and get back to me over here."
Emily: "Or maybe we should be nice to her because she has lost her damn mind."
Hanna: "She needs to work through this pain! To become strong!"
Aria: "I don't even understand the words you're using right now."
Hanna: "Yeah. I know. Think of it this way, you think that bitch would miss school on a whim?"
Emily: "...Oh my God, I'm going over there."
Aria: "Tell her about Red Coat Chick. She works best when solving riddles, give her Ravenclaw mind something to do."
Emily: "That was actually really insightful, Aria."
Aria: "Whatever it takes to shut you guys up about her."
Hanna: "Don't forget to tell her I also saw Red Coat Girl."
Liars: "Do what now?"
Hanna: "Yeah, that time I was called in for a pretend interview and nearly murdered by mannequins in that abandoned boutique, Red Coat was totally chilling outside watching me. Did I not mention that?"

Spencer: "But Hot Andrew! I was practicing for academic decathlon on my own!"
Hot Andrew: "That is not how that works. There is no 'alone' in 'team.'"
Spencer: "I'm gonna disagree with you on that one, across the board, but also -- I'm Spencer Hastings! I guarantee you my regimen was more stringent!"
Hot Andrew: "See, the thing is that without a team, academic decathlon is just you going crazy. They don't have a league for just Weird People Knowing Things. Go be on Jeopardy! if that's your bag. We took a vote."

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Pretty Little Liars




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