Pretty Little Liars
What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?

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Let The Elevator Bring Us Down

Aria: "Working on it. I have moved him into my house..."
CeCe Drake: "That's a start. Thank you so much for taking pictures of my teapots and crap in my weird boutique."


Caleb: "Pastor Ted and Uncle Dad have been in that meeting for a while now. You don't think they've possibly gotten themselves into a never-ending rummage sale situation?"
Hanna: "I'm sure it's fine."
Caleb: "I can't believe this is happening all on the same day."
Hanna: "Yeah, on review I could see him thinking I was pretty pushy."
Caleb: "He's never seen initiative before except in his drug dealers. He thinks you're remarkable."
Hanna: "Isn't that nice? I am a really good person. You know what, just to put the cherry on top of that one, I'm gonna fold up this five-dollar bill with these swingers rockabilly dice drawn on it in ballpoint, and donate that to the church."
Caleb: "That's one lucky fiver. Also pretty specific."
Hanna: "The better for it to bite me in the ass in a second. Let's make out on this church pew."

Ashley: "I see how you got there, and I approve. Listen, Ted and Jamie are finalizing some numbers, so let's celebrate back at our beautiful house, with pizza and beer. Well, just pizza for you children. And Pastor Ted. And I've been wine drunk since this morning, so ... I guess we'll just watch Uncle Dad drink a bunch of beer by himself, and see what happens."


Emily: "If I know A, we're about to..."
Emily: "Yep, there it is."


Spencer: "Shut up about that. I'm getting a call from Melissa and I'm not answering it."
Dr. Wren: "Hello, Melissa. You are on speakerphone."
Melissa: "Where are you, where have you taken my child sister, and why are you answering her phone?"
Dr. Wren: "She is barfing, as we say in the medical community. Must be some of that food we got on our date which was not a date."
Melissa: "Carry on."
Spencer: "Nothin' hotter than a guy who lies to cover up your psychotic break."


Wesley: "I feel bad about getting paid for essentially ruining that carpet."
Aria: "First of all, who says you're getting paid? And second of all, I'm sure CeCe's made a few stains herself."

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Pretty Little Liars




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