Pretty Little Liars
What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?

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Let The Elevator Bring Us Down

Wesley: "What? Ew!"
Aria: "Just move past it."
Wesley: "Can I borrow a book? I simply cannot sleep without devouring some poetry or books about the poetry of the 1920s."
Aria: "You are so hard to resist right now."
Wesley: "Edna St. Vincent Millay was a major influence on O'Neill..."
Aria: "Yeah. Yeah, give it to me."
Wesley: "I cannot say what loves have come and gone, / I only know that summer sang in me a little while... That in me sings no more."
Aria: "You kiss your momma with that mouth?"
Wesley: "And also you."

They kiss. It's awesome. Kiss all the time. Kiss Wesley Fitzgerald all day, see if I complain. Because I won't. I will not. They get all jumpy, which is also cute. Pretty much any time they keep their stupid mouths shut and don't say poems and shit, it's super cute. Work on that, kids.


Jason and Emily take forever extricating themselves from certain death. It's very scary for Emily, who historically does poorly with heights. Stabbing people to death and so on. She makes it out alive, but Jason doesn't.

Jason: "I see what you mean about the cluuuuuuuues crunch."
Emily: "Hastings, I swear. Every time you leave the house, some dude bites it."


Pizza Guy: "Pizza!"
Ashley: "Here is a thousand-dollar bill from a lasagna box, can you make change?"
Pizza Guy: "This is Rosewood, I can't carry that much cash."
Ashley: "Pastor Ted! Momma needs a twenty!"
Uncle Dad: "I got it. Least I can do. Will you take a ten and these two fives, one of which has swingers rockabilly dice on it?"
Pizza Guy: "What a lucky fiver!"
Hanna: "Not even goddamn remotely."


Jason: "I didn't die. I am on enough drugs to see Alison maybe in real life, but other than that..."
Emily: "So I guess me and Spencer were right about you being the only living member of the NAT Club, huh?"
Jason: "Yeah, but I don't feel like telling anybody about my attempted murder. Oh, and that picture of Wilden with CeCe Drake and Alison is gone too. I guess the elevator took it while I was unconscious."
Emily: "That checks out. Dang it. Let me bring you some water, leaving you unattended."

Liars: "We just got your text about this latest calamity! Exposit what you've been doing this whole episode!"

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