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What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?

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Let The Elevator Bring Us Down

Emily: "Well, I fucked it up, but here goes. Remember that picture I found..."
Spencer: "Oh my God you guys, how's it going?"
Liars: "Oh hey Spencer. You look like you're on bath salts."
Spencer: "I am so worried about Jason. Can I take him this water?"
Emily: "I know secretly you mean, Sorry I am so crazy."
Spencer: "Thanks for picking up on that."

Nurse Lady: "Hey, where is your friend?"
Liars: "Who's this now?"
Nurse: "That boy who fell from a great height and was just in that bed over there, getting thirsty."
Liars, except Aria: "Well, today was particularly for shit."
Aria: "I have the cutest boy I'm keeping as a pet, you guys! We made a mess of a photo session, and then had dinner at my house!"


What does a Halloween Store employee from webisodes do for the other eleven months of a year? Gay stuff. But what else? We'll find out, when the Liars come to Shana and CeCe for their weekly allotment of clues. Darren comes back at 'em hard, finally, and Spencer makes a new friend and confidant. Who will it be? If you say anything other than Hot Andrew, I'll pinch you. Pinch you right on the arm.

Check out possible spoilers for the February 26 episode and find out what all those visions of Ali could really mean from our friends at Wetpaint.

JACOB CLIFTON is a freelance writer and critic based in Austin, Texas. He currently recaps The Good Wife, Deception, Zero Hour, and Pretty Little Liars for TWoP. Jacob can be found online at, on Twitter, and on Facebook. IRL work appears in BenBella's SmartPop series of anthologies, and a novelette, "The Commonplace Book," appeared this fall on

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