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Even When I'm Sober?
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The female Noel Kahn -- Cece Drake -- took Aria and Spencer to a party at the cabin belonging to the male Noel Kahn -- Noel Kahn -- and we learned that he was one of fifty million people (Jenna, Paige, and a time-traveling Holden, inclusive) that abducted Emily That Night She Kept Getting Abducted. Hanna got Caleb back, but they have yet to tell each other their newest secrets, like how she kissed Wren and how he did some hot Website Page cracking with Spence. Ella's interested in Rear Window Zack, things seem to be going well between Ashley and Pastor Ted, and Cousin Nate nearly dated Jenna -- which is confusing, since she still seems to be with Noel. Oh, and Ezra Fitz's increasingly present family is a four-alarm disaster, which duh.


Hanna: "Why are we decorating our screened-in porch right now?"
Ashley: "What, just because it's the middle of the night? That's when I like to do all my home improvements. Don't be snarky -- I spent a lot of lasagna on this giant planter with a giant tree in it."
Hanna: "Well, I refuse to help or be a party to this in any way. Oh, a mysterious note. It looks like it's on parchment and written in Elvish, so I'm assuming it's from Maya. She really loved those Tolkein books when they came out."

Emily, I'm so sorry for everything. I know we've had a disconnect lately. I hope you'll give me a chance to explain. I have to show you something. Don't call my cell, someone stole it. Meet me at...

Unluckily! The location has been washed away by rain! Or possibly from being stowed under a giant Jurassic plant for the last however long. Suffice to say Maya, despite being the New Dead Girl, does not have Alison's flair for hiding things places. No follow-through, that's the problem.


Spencer: "If we only knew when she wrote this letter, maybe we could use whatever she was going to show Emily to prove that Garrett Reynolds killed everybody that has ever died."
Aria: "You mean like how it plainly says the date on here?"
Emily: "...Oh, and it's the day she died. What are the chances. Anyway, thanks for inviting me over. I thought it was going to be a movie, but no."


Aria scrapes cream cheese onto a bagel as though she has never seen a bagel before, staring into space, wondering about what it would be like if somebody you knew died.

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