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Even When I'm Sober?

Ella: "I like you a lot, which is weird at this point in my life."
Zack: "I'm not asking you to move in -- I already have little boys upstairs pretending to be contractors, not to mention the robot murder room in the basement -- but I thank you for allowing me to chill in your presence."

Some very wise words from a very old friend come to mind.

Justin Bobby: "Well, you like me, and that's why we have these issues. So we have a choice. We can choose to either say peace and kick rocks and be acquaintances, or we can be cool with each other and enjoy the company, and have fun when we go out and do things and not let the bullshit get in the way. But if we look beyond it and we're just cool..."
Audrina: "So do you just want to look beyond it?"
Justin Bobby: "I've already looked beyond it. I take you for who you are, and the person you are, and the heart that you have, and I don't let anybody interfere with that. I think truth in time tells all."

I try to live by those words every day of my life. I don't know what they mean, really, but I do try.

Anyway, Zack and Ella do it on the floor of the coffee shop, and it is very awesome, because somewhere in his youth or childhood, Zack definitely must have done something good.


Hanna and Wren nearly make out like seven times. Somehow she's able to let him leave. Maybe the glass also went into her brain.


Emily: "Feeling any better? Since you ditched me last night for phantom sickness?"
Paige: "Yeah, it just kind of kicked up. What or whom did you end up doing?"
Emily: "Cousin Nate came by. It got weird."
Paige: "Weird how, like an automatic murder room, or..."
Emily: "I, uh, I think maybe he had been roofied..."
Paige: "Ah. Playing that card, are we? Pretty fuckin' slick, Fields."


Spencer: "Oh, and check out what else I found on that video. Noel and Jenna making out in the yard."
Aria: "Gross me out."
Hanna: "Wait, so they were still dating at that point?"
Aria: "Um, and he was still under the impression her ass was blind?"
Spencer: "Point being, Jenna and Noel Kahn go inside -- with him making a creepy face as they go -- and then... Maya comes running out of the side of the frame, looking terrified, and somebody grabs her."

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