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Even When I'm Sober?

Oh, and this was weird. He said this in a very pointed, pointy way: "Where can I find you tomorrow? I'll [drop off your birthday present I bought you for our date you didn't attend]. Should I swing by your place? Say around three? Or I can just meet you here?"

Emily: "The hell did that mean? Man, I'm glad it was Jenna Marshall he's physically threatening and stalking, or else I'd probably rethink our friendship."

Instead, she texts Spencer -- who is still at school, note -- to tell her that Noel Kahn is headed to practice, which I would agree is definitely the most important concept in this entire scene. Get in there, girl.


Ella: "Lord, this day would not end! Unless you were most of the other people on this show, and then it just kinda ended whenever."
Aria: "Can I lambast you about the May/December thing yet?"
Ella: "No, I have a date. With another man. There are so many I can't even remember his name right now."
Aria: "So you're not serious about Zack?"
Ella: "He's handsome and smart and he's certainly boosted my ego..."
Aria: "And vice versa, of course. Look at yourself. And he was fawning all over..."
Ella: "Baby, I know what I'm working with. I'm just saying -- and thanks, you're sweet -- plenty of ladies probably get the Zack appeal. Moms, joggers, people with strollers..."

Aria: "He brought you that Ezra Fitz Picnic, dude. He's all over it. And I mean, you haven't been on a date since the twelfth grade, and now you're double-booking? My advice, stick with the guy who is younger than you. Something I can use to my advantage, or at least toss at Dad like a grenade when he starts up about Ezra again."
Ella: "It's like you have an obvious agenda here. I'm just kissin' frogs, you'll remain in the loop as far as where it goes from here."
Aria: "As long as we're all clear that ultimately this is about me."


Seriously, does this outfit count as her crazy-ass behavior of the week? She looks amazing, don't get me wrong, there's a very cool gender thing going on with the wrist-straps and her plaited Renaissance hair playing off the sleeveless t-shirt and the boots and all, but... There's a literal American flag on the shirt. You know what, too, is that she's literally the only person on the entire show I can see wearing this outfit. Even on this show, that's saying something.

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