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And The Maiden


Officer Darren Wilden of the RWPD was the victim of a vicious hit-and-run accident, perps unknown. Is he dead? Haunting Ashley Marin? Did he get Alison pregnant and then kill her? And where is his car? All questions that deserve answers. Less so: Aria's open-ended wonderment about whether or not her relationship with Ezra is doomed (yes) or will be strengthened (no) by his brand-new seven-year-old son (hell no). Spencer revealed that Toby was A, used the name "E. Lamb" to get in and out of Rosewood, and then discovered his dead body in the woods. Not that she checked to make sure it was him, no: Jut wandered off into the forest weeping until morning, when the cops picked her up as a Jane Doe.


Mona watches the Liars scurry in her compact mirror, like Paul Abdul in the "Rush, Rush" video. She doesn't seem to know where Spencer is yet, which is almost a shame because it would really make her day if she did.

Emily: "Look, I have called her eleven hundred times. It's safe to say that she has lost her mind. Crawled off into a hole somewhere like a wounded animal, is my bet."
Aria: "Don't be silly, she's Spencer. If anybody would do that it's you, Weakest Link."
Hanna: "Everybody ditches school, you guys. Don't be so alarmist."
Liars: "Yeah, I guess so. I guess when one of us four girls who are being slowly tortured to death goes missing, it's no big deal."

VP Hackett: "Is one of you four girls missing? That's a big deal."
Melissa: "Any of you bitches seen my sister? Or my eyebrows?"
Liars: "We wouldn't tell you if we did."
VP Hackett: "But you trust me, right? I'd look ridiculous in a Black Swan costume."
Liars: "We can honestly say we have no knowledge of her whereabouts."
Melissa: "Then I guess it's time to call the police. The first time anyone in this town has ever done that correctly or for realistic reasons. I wonder if we even have 911."


Eddie: "I'm a nurse, ex-military, very friendly and quite a cool guy. And you are...?"
Jane Doe: "Amnesiac. Hey, what's a 302? That's what they're calling me."
Eddie: "It means you got locked up in here rather than being taken to jail."
Jane Doe: "For what? Oh my God, did I find a shovel?"

No, just your enemy. And your lover.

Eddie: "No, you were wandering around the woods without proper footwear, having clearly lost your mind. Here in Rosewood that's a capital offense. Just be glad you got diverted here because County was full."

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