Pretty Little Liars
Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

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And The Maiden

Eddie: "So, just to show the progression in our relationship, you mentioned a Toby earlier? I knew a boy named that once. His mother was a patient here."
Spencer: "Cavanaugh, right?"
Eddie: "I know, everything is so weird all the time."


Hanna: "We could say we're her cousins! I mean, we all look so much alike."
Emily: "I'm more interested in figuring out why she thinks Toby's dead."
Aria: "None of this will matter if they never let her out of the booby hatch. Which PS, they're not gonna do, because her ass is actually crazy. I mean, even I have noticed that."
Emily: "Yeah, A's been puttin' the screws to her pretty hardcore this season."
Aria: "I always figured it would be you, Emily. Because you're such a creampuff and you have such a weak mind."
Emily: "The fuck?"
Hanna: "Not me, I always knew it would be her. You're always gonna be the one that builds the maze, so you're always up against somebody exactly as smart as you when you try to get out again. Better brains, better mazes."

Mona: "Hey, bitches. I just came in to put on lipgloss for about ten minutes. Where's Spencer?"
Aria: "We know you know, asshole. She's in Radley because of you. And if that's not enough information, let me tell you exactly everything that is going on with this show and where we're all at."
Mona: "No chance of you ending up in Radley, huh?"
Aria: "Whattayou... Oh, right. Gotcha. Please disregard all of the personal information and damaging facts I just laid on you for no reason."
PA: "Aria Montgomery, please report to the principal's office."
Aria: "For being so stupid?"
PA: "No. I mean yeah, but not like that. Listen, just come on. It's a whole thing."


Hackett: "Listen, you know Ezra Fitz?"
Aria: "Do I! Oh, uh, I mean, do I?"
Hackett: "Listen, everybody knows you... Um, back up. He's applied for Meredith's substitute-teaching position, proving how desperately he wants to avoid his family's fortune, and I've heard through the grapevine that maybe you're dating."
Aria: "Don't be ridiculous. I mean, I go places with him and bring him coffee every morning and we do horrible activities like draw faces on garbage bags, and we have tons of sex all the time, but..."

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