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And The Maiden

At some point during this next bit, Spencer retires to the piano, which is an upright, and leans her head against the upright part like she's taking a sitting-up nap. In some ways it is her most touching move, because it's the weirdest her blocking has ever gotten: Just worn out and terrified and too exhausted to deal with Mona but too fucked up to walk away. With old Moondoggie just chattering in her ear.

Mona: "Oh, is it? Try, Ali was never pregnant. She thought she was, and she panicked, but it was a false alarm. And how I know that is, I have her diaries, right here on this iPad. Most of them, anyway, and I know where the rest are. And let me tell you, I know shit you couldn't even conceive to wonder about."

Mona: "You have all these bits and pieces. You're trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle, but you've never seen the picture on the front of the box. You need me."
Spencer: "Bitch, I will start choking you again. I have no reason not to. Frankly, I'm surprised I didn't end up here based on that one."
Mona: "They do think you're crazy. But you're not crazy, are you. Honey, you're as sane as I am."
Spencer: "The thing that is shitty about that is not even that it's the meanest thing anybody ever said to me, but the fact that you only said it for that reason. Like, I know you don't think your ass is crazy, and frankly I'm sure you don't think I am either, so if you derive it out then by the distributive property all we're left with is you saying the most hurtful thing you can think of."


Ashley: "I have cops to run over in New York, but I'll call soon."
Emily: "Mrs. Marin, my mother loves having random people live in her house almost as much as you do. As long as Hanna doesn't start smoking pot or having revolutionary opinions, I see no reason you won't come home to find Hanna's been enrolled in a bootcamp."
Ashley: "Just don't talk to Wilden while I'm gone."

Immediately after she drives off, Wilden arrives. It's like at the end of Pretty In Pink with him standing against the car like "What's up."

Emily: "Hanna did your mother not just say..."
Hanna: "Sometimes you poke the bear, and other times the bear pokes you."
Emily: "Is that even like a saying, or what?"

Hanna: "Good job not being dead, motherfucker."

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