Pretty Little Liars
Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

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And The Maiden

And death said, "You're not going anywhere," and the girl said, "I don't have anywhere to go."

"But I won't take you home," he said. "Not yet. I am not kind enough for that."

And the girl said, "But I cannot stay here, and I cannot be this person anymore. She is too small to hurt this much; it is bigger than she is, and smarter."

And he blushed.

"I can't take you from this place, because I don't love you enough yet. But I can give you something else."

"How do you keep going, when the worst thing has happened? What do you have to change inside, to survive? Who do you have to become?"

"Where do you go when you can't get out?" she asked death, and he nodded. The first question we ask, always.

"You turn into something else."

Spencer stares at the girls in her circle; for one moment, they're the Liars themselves. She took a lot with her, into the forest. She brings a lot with her, into the Circle. She builds the maze and twists in the center, changing shape faster than she can track. When she gets back out again, what shape will she be?

"I'm sorry. But that's true, you don't know who I am anymore. And you can't count on me."

Maybe they won't love her anymore. Maybe they won't be a home to come back to, either. Maybe the girl stays here forever, in the maze. No matter how many shapes she takes. However they come together in the end, that hasn't happened quite yet. Whatever shape she is in now, it is just for her. Just eyes to look for clues and ears to hear the truth. Not a girl, not really a beast, just everything she managed to get out of the forest with her. To smuggle away, under his eyes, and bring it home. They don't amount to much yet, what she has; what she has, for now, is the whole world.

All she has is bits and pieces.


A's very excited about the carnival next week! So excited that she takes a second from driving around in Lair 4.0 -- which is a big truck, maybe a food truck or maybe a moving truck but most likely a truck containing a simulacrum of the entire Lairs, meaning a truck of some prodigious size -- to just check out the Website Page of the carnival one more time before getting back behind the wheel.


Carnival! Perhaps A will reveal that she is one of the Travelers, based on the weird way the Lair Truck is decorated, which is kind of like Mardi Gras for serial killers, or like a shrine to Alison's dead face. Spencer remains in lockup, because even when she's trying to seem not-crazy that girl just comes off super crazy. The Liars yell at everybody, because it's the next-to-last episode of the season and Lord knows everybody deserves to get yelled at by now.

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