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Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

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And The Maiden

What happens when the irresistible force meets the immovable objects? The fastest girl on earth, she runs so fast walls don't even mean anything to her. The fastest girl on earth can outthink you and outwit you, drum up a story or burn down the evidence, in the time it takes you to blink. It would have to be a very big wall. A very strong one.

Therapy Anne: "What happened in the woods to make you avoid Spencering?"
Spencer: "Well, Toby's dead. Remember that boy who magically transported you from California to Rosewood in the time it took us to put on some costumes and chase Melissa around for no reason?"
Therapy Anne: "He was a proficient driver, I'll give him that."
Spencer: "Yeah, well. His ass is dead. At least, the ass with his tattoo on it is dead."

The others eventually knew that Mona was a dark reflection of Spencer, in some ways; that what made her hard and bright made her also brittle, and sharp. Mona was the devil's daughter, a rival that Spencer couldn't stand because Mona knew more. She commanded more information. If they were sisters, Spencer would know what to do; figure out what Mona loved best, and take it. But they aren't sisters, and Mona doesn't love anything Spencer doesn't already have. But that doesn't mean it wouldn't work. Mona found out what Spencer loved best, and took it. Not once, but over and over again. Every kiss and every touch belonged to Mona, when he disappeared, including the first: Whatever they made, it wasn't love.

Therapy Anne: "Hold up, you didn't even check under his motorcycle helmet before flipping out? And you didn't tell anybody that a boy was dead? He's like the only non-werewolf contractor in town!"
Spencer: "In the bigger picture, it hardly matters. I flipped out. I am still flipping out."
Therapy Anne: "Calling your sister is probably a good idea. She's always such a source of comfort and support in the unending nightmare that is your life."


Aria: "Hey Dad, remember that guy I was seeing? Mom got him fired, and then you got him fired?"
Byron: "And then he turned up with a baby. I recall."
Aria: "You know about the baby? I guess I should be mad at Ella for telling you that, for reasons only I know. Anyway, can you give him a job of some kind? Way I figure it, you owe me for the time your sidepiece poisoned me over a period of days and then clobbered me and locked me in the basement."

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