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Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

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And The Maiden

Byron: "You're overlooking the best reason to help a fellow human out, after we've done him great harm. Think what this could do to sabotage our daughter's love life!"
Ella: "I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying we shouldn't talk about it out loud."


Spencer: "One thing I will not do is entertain the possibility that Toby is still alive, merely because his face was awkwardly covered and I even more awkwardly didn't check to see if it was him before going around the bend."
Anne, awesomely: "Spencer, I think you took ... a lot into that forest with you."

Spencer starts freaking out about how she needs the Liars -- which is at least as valid as what Anne just said -- and Anne tells her she can call Emily if Spencer has something to tell her. But after the eval's over, there are still a couple ways this could go. One of them involves a lot more relaxation and personal time to get her shit together, and the other one involves returning to 24-hour surveillance by an omniscient, destructive evil spirit.


Shana: "Emily! I just invited you to your job, where you work, for a little coffee... And to meet Olympic Swimming Superstar Miss Franklin!"
Missy Franklin: "I am freaking adorable, by the way."
Shana: "Anyway, I don't have any kind of agenda here. I mean, the last thing you did was get me almost fired from my already depressing job at the Halloween Store, why would I possibly want to mess with you? Beyond the desire to ruin your relationship with the love of my life, I mean."
Emily: "You know what, I'm too happy to chat with Missy Franklin and too polite to show anything but gratitude. I'll deal with the consequences of your freaky ass later."

They talk about swimming for a long time, and Missy Franklin is freaking charming, and at no point does Shana stop acting shady, and at no point does Emily notice.


Out of all of them, Spencer knew no amount of fighting or brilliance would bring the dead girl back. She was able to understand this, in her body, because she was the only one who didn't really want the dead girl back. But that knowledge, that no fighting can alter some courses, came in handy this time. She found the little bit of herself that still believed, and after confirming he was gone, she snapped it off at the stem. This is a gift from Alison; this is one of the better gifts from Alison.

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