Pretty Little Liars
Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

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And The Maiden

Spencer: "Did you ever lose one of those badges with your name on it?"
Eddie: "That would be a big deal. They open every door in this building, through science."
Spencer: "Really, tell me more about how a person would do that. Not for the reasons you would think! Just out of curiosity."
Eddie: "Listen, it's only three days. I realize you're going nuts in here -- no offense -- but if you try to escape, I'll get fired. Just give me a break, please. Most people would kill for a little free therapy."

She took a lot with her, into those woods. The day she found him in her kitchen was the day she started to go sour, inside. Something was off. The world was not the way she thought; it bent around her, like the trees were alive and angry, like the floor tilted up at strange angles. Being cheated on hurts not because we're jealous, but because we feel like fools. She was a virgin when she met him.

Spencer: "I'm starting to think maybe I am crazy."
Eddie: "That's a very teenager thing to think. Listen, you're not. And to show you that you're trustworthy, I will admit to you that hinky things have been going on with the badges, just like you're talking about. I gotta go. Tapioca or vanilla tonight?"
Spencer: "Surprise me."
Eddie: "Blood pudding it is! J/K, that was a pudding joke."


Hanna: "I can't wait until we spring her. As the only other person who's been inside that place, it is a bummer and a half."
Aria: "Ever stop to think maybe a little forced-introspection time might be good? Besides that loser Emily, she's clearly the craziest one."
Hanna: "I only worry about Spencer during school hours. It's after school, so now I'm scheduled to be terrified that Darren Wilden is coming after me and my mom."
Aria: "If he's going to come for you, he will."
Hanna: "I thought Emily was the Spencer this week."
Aria: "No, this is me, Aria, just being awful. I mean, I'm just saying, moving to New York won't save you. Nothing can save you."
Hanna: "Aria, Jesus. Moving to New York is appealing in about a hundred different selfish ways, in addition to getting away from Wilden. It's not always about the ghost that daily threatens to shame and murder us."
Aria: "I guess what I'm saying is, I am jealous of you moving to New York. Now, do you think they'll be able to find Wilden's car where we put it in that swamp?"

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