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Also also meanwhile on the outside, Veronica's in a residential neighborhood. She waylays a woman rushing in to get away from the rain, and asks if she knows where she can find Crab Simmons. The lady says, "He's my son." Veronica wants to know if he's around. The lady smiles a little and says he's not. Veronica keeps pressing and Momma Simmons finally says, "Crab can't help nobody, lady. He's dead. I'm sorry." While they're talking, a woman's watching furtively from a window upstairs.

Cut to the ominously quiet prison. Michael's sitting on his bunk, nervously twiddling his fingers. The guards come in and there's a metallic rumble as the doors slide back: it's time for the count. As Michael and the other cons step out of their cells, the guy next to him sing-songs, "Time to jump off, Fish." Michael looks openly nervous for the first time since he's come into the prison. Everyone comes out, looking around. Westmoreland's got Marilyn in his arms. C-Note comes out of his cell and gives Michael a sinister look. Michael actually looks panicky. A bald inmate steps forward. As one guard shouts for him to stand back on his number, Westmoreland takes the opportunity to slide back into his cell. That's good -- at least Marilyn will be out of harm's way. The guards begin radioing for backup. Figuring that the element of surprise has already been blown, cons begin rushing each other. An African-American guy picks Michael up, and as he shakes his head and says, "No, no," he gets flung over the second-floor railing. He lands with a light thud and gets up slowly, shaking himself off. Meanwhile, prison fight club rages on. First rule of prison fight club: telegraph everything five minutes in advance. Second rule of prison fight club: don't do anything that gets you a TV "M" rating. We see T-Bag slitting an inmate's throat.

Then we see Adam rise to his feet behind Michael. Seeing a chance to eliminate his younger, prettier rival, Adam rushes him. Michael manages to subdue him with only a little hair-pulling, and quickly wrests the bolt from Adam's hand. He stands up, holding the hardware out as a weapon. Up in the skybox, C-Note sees this and looks not terribly disapproving. Then he goes back to kicking the crap out of someone. Michael tries to make his escape back upstairs, but Adam's crazed with romantic jealousy, and tries to rush Michael again. Unfortunately, the Fabulously Gay White Supremacist is blocked by one of the targets of his discrimination; the other guy demonstrates, in a very real way, that the person ultimately hurt by discrimination is the one who discriminates. That's one to grow on. Michael is kind of taken aback by that, all "Hey! That wasn't part of the plan in my tattoo!" Or maybe he's horrified that this time, he knows the shanking victim. In any event, Adam lurches over to Michael and swoons in his arms, pleading for help. And then he bleeds out. Naturally, this is when T-Bag looks up and comes to entirely the wrong conclusion.

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Prison Break




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