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Cut to the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park. Boy, a giant plinth featuring the faces of strangers staring at you is a really subtle way to impart the "They might be watching" message! Leticia and Veronica meet, and Leticia sets Veronica straight: "The only reason I'm talking to you is because they're going to do to your boy what they did to mine. They're gonna kill your boy like they killed mine." A giant question mark drifts up and begins floating over Veronica's head. She claims that Crab actually died of an overdose and Leticia says, "Crab didn't use -- he had a bad heart. If he touched the stuff, it would kill him. Don't you think it's the slightest bit of coincidence he ODed a week after your boyfriend's crime? They killed him, 'cause he knew who was really behind that hit that night." Then Leticia says she sees the people who can get to anyone, and bolts. Veronica keeps Leticia's low profile by screaming her name, and turns around, juuuuust missing Agents Kellerman and Hale watching her. Behind Veronica, the fountain's face blinks its giant eyes.

Meanwhile, STILL back on the outside, Kellerman steels himself for a phone call he clearly does not want to make. We see his lapel pin -- it's shaped like a spade, with a sword trisected by three lightning bolts. We also see a ring that looks like a class ring, although it's got USA on the side. His hands shake, and then he picks up the phone before all his resolution is gone, and dials...someone who appears to be the Martha Stewart of the Western Frontier, what with the Montana location. We only see this woman from the back, but I'd know that voice anywhere. Hello, Patricia Wettig! I look forward to seeing if Ken Olin will be playing anyone evil later this year. Kellerman says they have a problem, and the Martha Stewart of the Western Frontier says acidly, "You can handle a girl who graduated in the middle of her Baylor law school class." Oooh. She twists the knife further: "At least, I'd like to think so, given the stakes of what we're dealing with here." The camera focuses on her left hand (it appears to wear a wedding ring) and then on Kellerman's right. As two kids run in the room, she ushers them toward the TV, and then coos with silken menace, "Anyone who's a threat to what we're doing is expendable. Anyone. Do what you need to do to make this go away." Kellerman swallows hard, and then says he understands.

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Prison Break




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