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So anyway, Michael declines T-Bag's eloquent courtin', and gets screwed for his trouble. Well, not like that. I mean: not only has Michael made enemies of the Fabulous Gay White Supremacists, he's also not managed to take the bolt. What was it Linc said about human nature?

Meanwhile, on the outside...Veronica's tracked down Linc's public defender, Tim Giles, and the man provides more back story in re: Lincoln's conviction: "The evidence was there. Lincoln worked for Steadman's company, he gets into a public altercation with the guy, so he gets fired. Two weeks later, Steadman's shot dead, the murder weapon's found in Lincoln's house, and the victim's blood found on his clothes. Trust me, there's cases you lose sleep over, but this isn't one of them." Veronica lets that sink in for a minute, and then chases Giles down again, asking, "What about Crab Simmons? Lincoln said he could exonerate him -- why didn't you put him on the stand?" Apparently, a guy named "Crab" is not the sterling witness one would hope for. Veronica asks whether Giles would mind her going fishing for Crab. He's fine with it.

Back in prison, Linc is in his solitary cell, crouched in a single, appropriately dramatic shaft of light. Cue the flashback...and it turns out Linc's gift to Veronica to commemorate her graduation from law school was a thorough roll in the sheets. Let's hope there weren't any parties where she was expected to open up her gifts in front of everyone. Anyway, Linc drones on about how, normally, his head is beset with cerebral cacophony, but Veronica makes all the voices simmer down and begin crooning Bacharach tunes in harmony. And he says, "I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, I know that. I'm going to make it right." Veronica simpers, "I know you will." There's some face-suckage, and then Linc rolls over, grabs the disposable camera, and takes a snap of the two of them canoodling in bed.

Thus endeth the flashback, and the golden light is replaced with the cool blue illumination of the jail cell, just in case you weren't at all attuned to Linc's emotional state. Linc slumps against the wall again.

Michael and C-Note are strolling through the yard; Michael's asking how the PUGNAc thing is coming along. C-Note tersely says, "I'm working on it." Michael says, "Work faster. I need that stuff tonight." C-Note asks, "What's up in the infirmary that you need so bad?" Michael replies, "You get me that PUGNAc, maybe I'll tell you." And then he walks off. The rap music starts up again, so that we know the racial tensions are brewing.

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Prison Break




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