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In the next scene, Michael's getting dressed in the bathroom, which is a surprisingly peaceful environment for all that it's filled with marble surfaces that work well when you've got a hankering to be bouncing your foes' heads off something hard. And there's a riot brewing. I'm just saying, these are the least opportunistic prisoners ever. Anyway, C-Note comes over and shakes a bottle of pills in Michael's face. Michael follows him to a secluded corner.

And this is where Michael finds out he really is a fish: after C-Note grabs his hand and cheerily says, "What's up, Snowflake?" he pulls Michael in close and gut-checks him; his friends rush in to restrain Michael. C-Note pulls back and asks angrily, "Do you think I'm a fool?" "What are you talking about?" Michael gasps. C-Note replies, "I see you up there with the Hitler Youth. I got a good mind to slash you open right now." Michael gasps some more: "It's not what you think. They've got something I need." C-Note astutely observes that he also has something Michael needs. As he empties out the PUGNAc container, he says, "Listen, white boy, your luck just ran out. You chose the wrong side." After everyone clears out, Michael finally loses his temper. Oh, his expression doesn't change or anything. But he does punch the bars behind him.

Commercials. Given the religious climate in this country, I think a movie about demonic possession is just what the national psyche needs. Also, while that annoying woman may have the kind of qualities that induce a man to fly her relatives to Italy so that he can scream about how much he loves her, that doesn't make her any less of an ungracious harpy in the way she responds. Jerkitude is forever.

Once we're back, we see that Linc's got another visitor. Every day is visiting day at Fox River! It turns out Veronica is there to see him: she's changed from the blue shirt she was wearing before to a red one, the better to telegraph how angry she is. Linc actually cracks a smile and says with some real emotion, "It's great to see your face." Veronica can't say likewise. She's all, "I think it's time to quit the charade, don't you?" Linc's all, "Gah-what now?" Veronica's on a roll now. She snaps, "It's starting to ruin people's lives. Michael's in here because he thinks you're innocent." Linc monotones, "He told you." Veronica corrects him: "He hasn't told me anything, but I know what he's planning. Call him off. If you love him, call him off. I saw the tape." Linc says that's not how it went down, and after Veronica spits, "I know what I saw," Linc rebuts, "I know what I saw. I was there, remember?"

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Prison Break




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