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Kellerman! Baby! Come back! All is forgiven!

Inside the prison, Michael wanders across the rolling bluegrass lawn and buries his gizmo in the sod directly beneath the cable he was gawping at earlier.

That night, he's a bundle of nerves. At exactly 9 PM, the Remedi's second hand ticks across the 12 and the tape recorder goes off. We see intercut shots of the guards wandering around the yard and Michael quietly flipping out on as he sits on his bed. We also see Bellick staring at the picture of Nika Scofield that's now attached to Michael's file.

Since Bellick's stumped at work, he heads to the local down-market strip club to unwind. Some random stripper says, "Hey, Brad! Good to see you," and he replies stiltedly, "Hey, baby." Of COURSE Bellick is a regular here. And of COURSE he is awkward with the ladies. Then Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" comes on, and we see why Bellick had such a hard time placing Nika before: he didn't recognize her with her clothes on.

Commercials. Ha! This is the second week in a row that the Burger King has been absent from his chain's commercials. I'm going to declare a definitive victory at the three-week mark.

When we get back, Nika and Bellick are making small talk. It's something along the lines of "Does it creep you out that I'm interrogating you about your husband while you're trying to hustle money from guys in a strip club? Or is it only the viewers who feel that way?" Bellick eventually gets down to brass tacks: "I just need to know what Michael Scofield wanted from you in exchange for the green card." Nika dithers, Bellick threatens to call in the INS, and she finally spits out, "A credit card. He asked me to bring him a credit card. That's it." Bellick looks contemplative. I think someone's got a cell-tossing in their future!

Hey, Lassie! [Woof! Woof!] What's that, girl? You say Quinn's at the bottom of a well? [Woof! Woof!] And he's only got a cell phone in with him so he can call Kellerman? Jesus wept; I can see where Veronica may have panicked while chairing Quinn, but it would have been nice if she could have thought to search him while he was out.

Inside Fox River: it's chapel time. Michael's sitting in his usual posture (arms folded on the back of the pew in front of him, head propped up on arms) when Westmoreland comes over and sits in next to him. Michael whips out a hymnal, and Westmoreland replies, "No thanks. I brought my own." His face is still bleak with grief. Dang, but Muse Watson has been incredible in this episode. Westmoreland then rattles off the name of the U.S. treasurer c. 1971. He then rattles off a serial number: DI192589 -- "the first number in a series of bills used in a ransom drop." Michael's smugness is so comprehensive, it even comes across when he's whispering. He suggests that all Westmoreland did was a little research. Westmoreland's had enough. He stands up, hands Michael his hymnal, and walks off without saying another word. Michael's examining the book when he happens to notice how there's a pristine $100 bill there with the serial number DI192589. How amazing that it's survived in such great conditions, and totally undetected, lo these many years Westmoreland's been in prison. Michael looks pleased.

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Prison Break




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