Prison Break
And Then There Were 7

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Kellerman! Baby! Come back! All is forgiven!

He then digs up his jerry-rigged device. He's examining it, turning it this way and that, when Sara marches on over to the other side of the fence and says in a falsely bright way, "So you're married." Michael scrambles to hide the device and goes to the fence and stalls: "Ah, well...not in the traditional sense of the word." Dr. Sara shoves her hands in her pockets, but she's looking at Michael full-on as she says, "Michael, we're both adults here. Put your cards on the table." Michael elects to stare instead. So Dr. Sara breaks eye contact and says, "Okay, I'll go first. Um. There are very few women around here. I'm used to a certain amount of innuendo and flirtation being thrown my way. I'm not used to enjoying it --" Michael chuckles and says, "Look, Sara --" "It's Dr. Tancredi, and please let me finish. I'm not a jealous woman, but I'm a careful one. And for some reason, when I'm around you, I'm not. Um, careful." Michael puts on the Man Voice and purrs, "You don't have to be --" "Yes, I do," she says. "There are so many questions surrounding you, Michael. There are way too many." Michael Blue Steels for a while, and Dr. Sara plows on in the silence: "So here's the deal. Um. From now on, your shots, your medical concerns, they're all fine, as long as it's doctor-patient. But personal question or favors of any kind are no longer a part of our relationship." Damn! She's not-breaking up with the guy she was not-dating! As Sara walks off, Michael says, "The questions you have about me? There are answers." Dr. Sara, sensibly, recognizes that "there are answers" is not the same thing as "I'll give you answers." She doesn't even bother to reply before walking off. Michael bangs his head against the chain-link fence.

Meanwhile, on the outside...Kellerman and Hale walk over to the dry well. Quinn's pretty jovial, considering that he has a broken leg and a cell phone with a dead battery. Or so he says. Quinn tries sweet-talking Kellerman: "I think maybe we got off on the wrong foot: you have bosses, I have bosses, at the end of the day, we're all on the same team, right? We're just trying to tie up loose ends." "I could not agree more," Kellerman says. He hands his suit coat over to Hale, then finds a second well cover hidden under some leaves (…I know) and drags it over. As he pulls it over the well, Quinn hollers. Kellerman cheerfully tells him, "Just tying up some loose ends." Oooh, Kellerman, you magnificent bastard. You haven't groveled yet. You haven't been bested by Veronica. Have I told you how attractive that is? In fact, my only complaint about you, my little barracuda, is that you left Quinn alive. Why not just drop a rock on his head for insurance?

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Prison Break




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