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Kellerman! Baby! Come back! All is forgiven!

Meanwhile, on the outside...Veronica's pacing around the cabin and bitching about how the whole point to going to law school was to avoid becoming someone's pawn in a convoluted and nonsensical conspiracy theory. "Well, if you had done better than the middle of your class at Baylor, you'd be making the conspiracies instead of running from them," Nick snarks. Oh, come on. Veronica's all about getting Lincoln off death row, and Nick replies, "Lincoln? We just learned that Vice President Reynolds has funneled millions of dollars in research grants into her brother's company. That money was filtered into millions of small accounts that made millions of small donations to her campaign, setting her up to be the next leader of the free world." Veronica looks at him, her expression plainly reading, Yeah. And your point…? Nick caps his little expository monologue with, "This doesn't stop with us ending an execution any more." Veronica stoutly insists that for her, it does. See, this is why she was in the middle of her class -- the inability to think big. Meanwhile, LJ is looking at Nick with a dreamy look. He's totally bought into it. Nick stalks off and Veronica makes a weird face as he passes. Boy howdy, the people who make this show really hate Robin Tunney. How else to explain the decision to turn her into Ruth Buzzi the minute she goes on the run?

Outside the Unalawyer cabin, Quinn puts on his game face. In this case, it actually means taking off part of his real face with some medium-grade sandpaper. Will nobody teach him about the gentle exfoliating powers of salicylic acid?

We transition from Quinn's manly facial moves to a shot of T-Bag sanding a wall inside St. Louis. Abruzzi calls out that it's time to rotate. C-Note puts down the shovel he's using to dig out the hole and glares as Abruzzi calls to T-Bag, "Sergeant Sodomy, you're up next." Hee! I wonder if he reports to Major Masochist? Brigadier General Buggerer?

Then the race-baiting begins. Instead of helping C-Note out of the hole, T-Bag twirls the shovel around like a baton and drawls, "I don't know about you-all, but it's gettin' a little too dark for me to dig." C-Note shoots back, "Are you telling me there's a hole in Fox River you don't want to get into?" The two of them begin a sissy-boy shoving party and Linc has to break it up. Michael plays to his strength during this tense moment. That's right: he stares. C-Note then wants to know why Abruzzi isn't digging. Through a mouthful of imported vowels, Abruzzi mumbles, "I'm hanneling ahrangemins onna outsad." Translation: he's our man for the post-break carpool. C-Note grumbles about this some more and threatens to strike. Abruzzi points out that labor concessions would only benefit everyone. Sucre finally gets the hang of warning everyone about the CO, and everyone hustles.

The CO comes in and calls Michael's name. He Blue Steels in response. The guard helpfully adds, "It's time for your conjugal." It's fortunate for everyone that Linc is standing behind the C.O. His gaping is less noticeable that way. Just in case anyone's confused as to the meaning of conjugal -- and going by the expression on Sucre's face, there appears to be some disconnect at the moment -- the CO clarifies, "Your wife is here." Michael puts on his courtin' face (Blue Steel, smug semi-smile) and heads out to mack on the missus.

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Prison Break




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