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The episode picks up right where the last one left off -- with Michael and Dr. Sara walking into the swanky and exclusive cigar club. You will recall that they are there not because they're decided Everything Nineties is hot again, but because the late Governor Dad appears to have secreted something in his humidor that could come in handy for anyone who wanted to take down the One World Conspiracy.

So Dr. Sara goes skulking through the halls, and if her pop-eyed, suspicious glares don't make people think, "Hey, maybe she shouldn't be here," then her lank and uncombed hair surely does. I realize it's all chopped and badly dyed, but come on -- brush it at least. Michael hangs out at the bar and tries to act all casual, but he's very tense. I don't blame him: that background music is ratcheting up my stress level too.

Right as Dr. Sara opens up a climate-controlled room and prepares to find her dad's humidor, some unctuous tool in a suit tries to gull her into walking into the waiting arms of the Chicago P.D., all, "Miss Tancredi, can you come here a minute? No, no, I won't come over there -- you need to come here." Dude -- she's a junkie, not a moron. She can see through your little ruse. Blind Catfish Jefferson could see through your ruse. Michael, who is sitting in another room looking fidgety, can see through your ruse. Of course, it helps that Michael can also spot the police cruiser that's just pulled up outside.

Michael and Dr. Sara run into each other in the hall, and decide that yes, it is time to go. They leave via the fire door in the kitchen, setting off all sorts of alarms, then manage to sprint past all the cops just pulling up.

Naturally, this is when we cut to a plane landing in parched and sunny Minneapolis. I was going to nitpick about the climate relative to Chicago and all, then realized I don't even have any idea of what time of year this is supposed to be anymore, so for all I know, the season finale could culminate on a cliffhanger note at Marshall Fields in Chicago where Michael (now hiding in plain sight as a department-store Santa) ends up with Mahone in his lap. ["Don't tease me." -- Sars] I mean, I had thought we were in April, possibly early May, but these people are always running around all bundled up, so I just don't know.

Sorry, I seem to have wandered off there. Reeling it back in to the land of a thousand lakes... we see that the props department has elected to create a newspaper that bears no resemblance to either the Minneapolis Star-Tribune or the St. Paul Pioneer Press. You will be happy to know the Minneapolis "Register" is reporting that "Zoo Will Investigate Grants for Renovation," "Senate Approves Revised Highway Funding Bill" and "Lawsuit Against School Board Treasurer." Not a thing about those crafty escaped felons. Also, this newspaper has not a thing to do with the episode. I just like that someone in the props department put so much care into it.

We see Mahone striding around the airport terminal, mobile phone pressed to his ear. We then cut to the saucer-eyed, slightly battered moppet on the other end who is presumably one Cameron Mahone. After a little back-and-forth about the state of hospital food and Cameron's new resolve to stay out of the street, Cameron asks, "Are you mad at me?" Mahone comes to a screeching halt and the jovial-dad façade he had collapses. He replies, "Listen, son. No one is mad at you. And this wasn't your fault. I'm the one who should have been looking out for you." Cameron rebuts, "You weren't even there." Mahone says, "I should have been." And it is a credit to William Fichtner that despite Mahone being a catspaw for the One World Conspiracy and a repeat killer, I heard him say that and was all, "Yes! You should have been. Oh, Mahone, I hope you can work this whole thing out and get back together with Pam and live happily ever after. Just don't look so torn up!" Curse you, actor who makes this character sympathetic! Anyway, Mahone gets another call that he has to take, and right as Cameron's all, "Bye! [phone slams]," Mahone's weakly saying into phone, "I love you."

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