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Ocean's Eleven, Meet the Scylla Seven

Mahone comes back inside and deliberately tosses Agent Blots Out the Sun's number in a trash can. Out of the shadows scurries young Roland, and he grabs the piece of paper. I hope like heck that Mahone's setting up Roland based on that sketchy conversation they had out on the docks. It would frost me if Mahone was being careless. I suppose we'll see ...

And in the final scene, T-Bag is frantically trying to wipe down his prints in the apartment, muttering biliously about Cole Pfeiffer all the while, when, whoops -- look what he walked into? It's Gretchen's fist. She connects with T-Bag's glass jaw and he's down on the floor. She then pins him there with one cruel heel and demands to know, "Who the hell are you?' Well! I for one am breathless with anticipation to see how this introduction turns out.

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