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Ocean's Eleven, Meet the Scylla Seven

We cut to Louis, the operations manager, being summoned to deal with Bellick's hissy. Michael and Mahone watch Louis leave (he exits via a side door, which is guarded by what looks to be the offspring of Ed Helms and a giraffe), then nod to Dr. Sara. She walks by the security guard and drops a whole lot of betting tickets. The guard calls for her to come back and get them, and Dr. Sara channels Blanche DuBois, all dependent upon the kindness of strangers. Since the guard is a fan of indeterminate southern accents -- or quite possibly cleavage -- he hangs around long enough for Michael and Mahone to amble on into the employees-only area undetected. Then we flash to Lincoln outside; he's looking at a betting slip with SparkleKid's name circled and he's holding a small box. SparkleKid's going to be in gate eight, so it appears that Linc has some work to do.

Bellick's temper tantrum comes to an abrupt end when the security guard shows up. Then we flash to Michael and Mahone inside the security office. As Mahone watches the monitors, Michael tapes Charybdis to the underside of the desk, then calls Roland. We go to Roland saying with some detached satisfaction, "Cahd-holdah numbah foah, youah up." That is one wicked smaaaaht accent he's got there!

Cahd holdah numbah foah is, unsurprisingly, another older white dude sporting the Silver Mane of Corruption. I find this show's tonsorial semiotics utterly fascinating. Anyway, this cardholder is something of a well-heeled racing aficionado, and he's all dorked up for SparkleKid to win. I am not, as the horse shows no sign of sparkling. (However, this does not mean the horse is not a vampire. It only means the horse is an awesomely cool vampire. Oh please, oh please, oh please...) Linc and Sucre exit the paddock. We cut to Michael bellying up to the rail so he can see the race; he's also holding a small device in his hand. We hear reveille, we cut to the card-holder looking all smug and happy, then we go inside, where Bellick, Dr. Sara and Mahone are all standing around looking at a monitor where the race will be shown.

Aaaaaand the horses are off. Except for SparkleKid, because Michael pressed his device and the gate stuck. As we see Cahd holdah numbah foah stamp off to chew Louis a new one for the faulty gate, we cut to Michael smiling smugly. Ah, Michael, using your big brain to craft a remote control to block the gate's opening signal!

Then he's back in the concourse and raising Roland on the phone. We cut to Cahd holdah numbah foah -- AKA "Mr. Addison" -- throwing the full weight of his Old Privileged White Guy status around to get Louis to review the tape of the race's start. Addison confirms that indeed, the gate was stuck and asks, "What? Happened? To? His? Gate?" Louis is gibbering his I-don't-knows when his walkie-talkie crackles with news: someone has found something on gate eight where SparkleKid was placed. I hope for Linc's sake that he wiped off his prints before he planted that device. Anyway, Roland confirms that Charybdis gobbled up the card, but before anyone on Team Scylla can break out in the celebration dance, they have to get Charybdis back from the office. And that job has just gotten a little tougher, as there's a melee in the main area, the cops are about to come in, and fully 83% of Away Team Scylla happen to be wanted men. So Mahone sends Michael away and tackles Operation Retrieve Charybdis himself.

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Prison Break




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