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Ocean's Eleven, Meet the Scylla Seven

Dr. Sara, bless her, tries an assist, and manages to distract the guard long enough to get Mahone into the employee's-only area. But when she begins asking more betting questions like "I put $500 of my boss's money on Orca's Revenge?" -- which, another nice Jaws shout-out, but where's the love for Quint? -- the guy loses his temper and sends her away. Mahone's like fine, I'll try a side area. He immediately runs into a guard, and before you can say, "Oh, crap," Mahone's been arrested. The rest of the team sees this development. Linc grouses because Mahone's got the device, while Sucre sums up the situation with "We're screwed."

We then cut to Riverside, California, and pan over a neighborhood that could double as the set for Camazotz if anyone ever wanted to make a decent version of A Wrinkle in Time. We see Susan B. knocking on the door in a different neighborhood -- what? This one has mature trees, compared to the denuded wonder of the establishing shot! -- and a woman in the house tells her elementary school-aged daughter to head up to her room. When the woman opens the door, she takes in Susan B.'s bruised, bloody and abraded figure and asks, "Oh my God, what happened to you?" Susan B. only croaks in reply, "Hey, sis." Then she lets herself in.

And then we cut to the one-plot-in-one-paragraph portion of the episode. Long story short: apparently the One World Conspiracy, or Whistler, or both, decided that there was no need to make Cole Pfeiffer's sales sheets at all accurate or, say, non-illegal. Andy smells blood in the water, and T-Bag realizes that he could go down for fraud. So he bolts, telling his blackmailer Tricia that it's been nice knowing her, and heads back to the condo, frantically wiping his prints as he goes. We do not cut back to Tricia stamping her foot and cursing her fool luck in not making "Cole" sign his commencement bonus check over to her.

Back at the plotline we all care about, "Frank Zwan" is getting booked for his shenanigans back at the track. Mahone is nervous and says, "Listen, sergeant, I know a decent amount about the justice system, enough to know that you could drop this whole thing if you wanted to, and save a lot of trouble for everybody." Oh, the sergeant doesn't mind going the extra step. He then asks what kind of phone Charybdis is. It's the kind of phone that security professionals have nightmares about, Mahone does not answer. Instead, he blames the Japanese for their crafty, off-market devices. And then the sergeant asks about the ankle monitor, and Mahone lies, "I've been on the straight and narrow, and it's due to come off in a few days." Then his pants burst into flames. Mahone is then fingerprinted -- oh, Frank Zwan, it was nice knowing you -- and he is still trying to talk his way out of being booked, but Officer Diligent is really, really cheesed that Mahone knocked out a fellow member of the force. Well, if that's his criteria for getting huffy, it looks like Linc's Christmas card list just shrunk.

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Prison Break




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