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Ocean's Eleven, Meet the Scylla Seven

We cut to Agent Blots Out the Sun giving General Von Baldy the 411 on Don Self. It turns out Don Self has spent the last 18 years working in assorted departments (DOD and DOJ) before finally ending up at Homeland Security in 2002. Ooh, I bet he was one of the first attorneys that Monica Goodling subjected to her "Are you a witch? Or a liberal? Either way, you'll burn!" test. Brian then comes in with bad news: "I tried to access Self's user account, but he has a tricky firewall system in place. There's no easy way to get past it, not without drawing attention." General Von Baldy gives Agent Blots Out the Sun a meaningful look, as opposed to giving Brian a deeply skeptical one and asking, "Really? 'Tricky firewall system'? This guy can't tie his shoes without something going awry, and you're telling me he's somehow joined the ranks of tool-using primates? Try again, prissy." Agent Blots Out the Sun promises to deliver unto Self the note reading, "Are you interested in my friend Von Baldy? Check one: [ ] yes [ ] no."

But before Self can have his date with destiny, he has to fail to get Mahone out of the pokey. And he fails spectacularly, ending with shouted threats to have Officer Diligent placed on a no-fly list. Congratulations for confirming every dark suspicion we've had about Homeland Security folks, Self. Anyway, Don makes his way back to Mahone and asks him to sign -- well, not release papers, but papers to collect Mahone's personal effects. In other words, Don Self has come for Charybdis, and he can't take Mahone. The ex-FBI agent points out, "They're going to run my prints and once they --" "You punched a cop!" Don interrupts. "Trying to save the mission!" Mahone points out. Don Self tells Mahone to talk in his indoor voice when referring to Team Scylla, and puts pressure on Mahone to sign away his possessions. "You -- you want me to sign away the one thing that makes me valuable to the team," Mahone says, tired and frustrated. Don Self shoots back, "You knew the deal when you came on board. We all sacrificed a lot to get this far. You want to flush it down the toilet because you made a bad move?" No, Mahone does not. He signs and hands over the clipboard with a sullen fury. Don Self looks remorseful.

We transition from Mahone looking despairing to Michael looking thoughtful. Linc shares the news about Self fetching Charybdis but not Mahone, and Sucre protests, "But Mahone -- he's part of the team!" Bless Sucre's heart: he's got the no-man-left-behind credo even after being left behind at Sona last year. Linc reasons, "I feel just as bad about his kid as anyone else, but we can't blow this mission on one person." Sucre's suitably appalled by that, but Linc is implacable. Roland reasons, "An assassin is trying to hunt us down, okay? And that T-Bag character's out on the wind with the keys to the castle. We got enough problems without having to worry about this guy's ass in jail." Sucre cordially invites Roland to shut his insolent cereal-hole, thereby fulfilling this episode's requirement for Roland Abuse. Dr. Sara points out that the minute the cops run Mahone's prints, his alias is toast, and Bellick takes that to its logical conclusion: the Supermax lie will be found out, and that makes all of them vulnerable too. Sucre appeals to Michael for a decision, and Michael backs up Linc: "We don't have a choice. We move forward with the plan." Nobody looks relieved by the decision, possibly because everyone has just realized how expendable they are.

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Prison Break




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