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Ocean's Eleven, Meet the Scylla Seven

Back at the federal building, Don Self's getting out of his car and walking to the elevator when Agent Blots Out the Sun bars his egress. Don Self blanches, and Agent Blots Out the Sun explains that he's a pal of General Von Baldy's and the general is not a big fan of having his privacy violated. Self improvises that he was looking into General Von Baldy because he's concerned about his safety, what with all those terrorists out there, and Agent Blots Out the Sun asks, "Is there a particular threat I should know about? Maybe you should debrief me on the situation." Self immediately asks for Agent Blots Out the Sun's clearance level, and when Agent Blots Out the Sun is forced to admit that he is but a hired hand, Don Self snarks, "I usually don't make a habit of giving civilians who corner me in underground parking structures classified information. If the general wants information, he can call me." Agent Blots Out the Sun recovers from the shock of not having people dissolve into a damp puddle of fear at his feet, then says, "I think we got off on the wrong foot." Ha! Self walks off huffily, leaving Agent Blots Out the Sun to notice Self's ticket from visiting police station #11 recently.

Don Self then scampers over to Team Scylla HQ, where he tells Michael his "I just met Agent Blots Out the Sun!" story. Michael's all, "Well, now you know what it's like to be my girlfriend." "Oh, I wish" Don Self gushes. Oh, he does not either. But admit it, you were thinking it. He hands over Charybdis and then begins talking about Mahone, pointing out, "If [Agent Blots Out the Sun] can find me, he can find Mahone." Yeah, and you just made it ten times easier, jackass. Don Self offers to simplify the situation by maybe having Mahone killed, and Michael says, "That's not an option." Don Self begs to differ: "If a choice has to be made between him or us...?" and then he trails off because Michael is giving him the Blue Steel and it's making him feel all funny inside.

Back at the jail, Officer Diligent is offering Mahone a deal: give up his accomplice (Michael), and the charges can be altered. As Officer Diligent makes his sales pitch about how Mahone just wants to go home to his wife and family, Mahone flashes on Pam and Cameron, then to Michael blowing him off in Sona. But he declines to say anything.

Meanwhile, the edgy Team Scylla is trying to focus on Cardholder #5 and the fact that he'll have the card on him at all times. Michael is nattering on about how they'll break into the Scaderi place after overloading the system, but Bellick would rather brood about how, the minute something goes wrong, the unlucky sucker gets thrown to the wolves. This prompts Sucre to remember that indeed, he has had the left-behind-in-a-bad-situation treatment, so Michael's now facing two mutinous bald guys. Roland helpfully weighs in: "Maybe we should have a plan for when the cops get here, because if Mahone squeals, they're going to get here real quick. He's a Fed. How many deals you think this guy's made in his life." I don't know. Why don't we ask Oscar Shales? Linc tells Roland to shut his cereal-hole (making sure we ride through the next episode full up on Roland Abuse), and Michael attempts to regain control of the situation by arguing that, "We can sit here and debate what Mahone is or is not going to do for the rest of the day. But it comes down to this. We cannot break him out of a police station." Everyone around the table looks like they're thinking, "Oh? Really?"

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Prison Break




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