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Ocean's Eleven, Meet the Scylla Seven

Michael takes a break from planning to nuke Cardholder #5's security system, because he feels like chatting up his lady. Dr. Sara's hanging out on her ship, and she crystallizes Michael's moral dilemma with "If the roles were reversed and you were locked up, you really think Alex would risk it all to get you out? He was a federal agent. I think he'd finish what he started. I think he'd bring the One World Conspiracy down." Well. I think someone has just become planner of how to break Mahone out of a police station. Either that or I totally misread his look and Michael's like, "I'll see Mahone thrown into a dungeon with a mask welded on his face! Dr. Sara can't think highly of another man!" When Michael gets all pop-eyed with concentration, it means he's going in a weird direction, no matter what.

Agent Blots Out the Sun has decided to visit the police station. He confirms that Don Self was here to see "Frank Zwan" and lies about being a family friend. Officer Diligent is apologetic: "I'm afraid you can't see him right now. He's about to be transferred for his arraignment." (Which, by the way, Agent Blots Out the Sun plans on being at.) However, Mahone can see Agent Blots Out the Sun, and boy, he is not cool right now. In fact, he's looking like he really wishes he were back on the smack.

Back at Team Scylla HQ, the remaining Away Team members are heading into a van. Mahone calls Michael to give him the heads-up on Agent Blots Out the Sun's appearance at the station house. He's baffled as to how he was tracked so quickly, but continues, "It's over for me. It's done. And I'm not going to say anything about anything. But you need to promise me something, okay?" Michael impatiently says, "Okay? What?" Mahone asks him, "Promise me that you will get to Agent Blots Out the Sun and you will kill the son of a bitch. Then you'll kill Pam and you'll tell her that he's gone." Oh, Mahone, I wouldn't ask. Michael still has to make a visit to a cancer-raddled woman in Indiana, thanks to a promise he made back in season one. He might not get around to Agent Blots Out the Sun for years. But Michael promises. And a barely-composed Mahone whispers his goodbyes.

We cut to Gretchen busy telling someone on the phone, haltingly, "I'm his wife ... I'm sorry, I'm still in shock. I'll be down this afternoon. Thank you." Rita looks on disapprovingly -- either because she knows Gretchen's lying or because she wasn't in the wedding party and the exclusion still stings. She asks Gretchen, "Who are you?" Gretchen shrugs, "I have some things I need to take care of. You don't need to worry." Rita follows Gretchen into another room and exposits, "You have this ... switch inside you, where you can just turn yourself off. You did it when Mom died, you did it with [the little girl] Emily, you did it with me." Gretchen slings her satchel over her shoulder and turns to Rita with a deeply unhappy look on her face. She says, "I did it because it's just who I am." Rita begs to differ. "You used to be --" she starts, but Gretchen interrupts with, "I have to go. But thank you. For everything." Rita's nearly in tears, and she confirms that Gretchen's not going to take Emily. Gretchen says, "If I was [sic] capable of being her mother, I wouldn't have given you custody." She walks over to say goodbye to Emily, and we see the resemblance, and when Gretchen kisses the top of Emily's head, she gets teary and whispers, "I love you." As she heads out, Rita asks if she'll see Gretchen again. As Gretchen heads out, she pauses, her face bleak with grief. "I don't know," she says. And now, improbably, I'm sort of rooting for her to get a happy ending. I am such a sucker for backstory. But I like the idea of Gretchen sort of settling into the house in Riverside and, you know, assassinating uptight members of the PTA whenever they wrong Rita during fundraising night.

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Prison Break




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