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Ocean's Eleven, Meet the Scylla Seven

Then we see a dapper (and underutilized) Sucre in the back row, discreetly counting down into a mobile phone. Agent Blots Out the Sun decides to get up and stroll to a more convenient spot, and Mahone has to be reminded to sit down. Sucre finishes his count, and that's when the lights go out really dramatically. In the ensuing chaos, Agent Blots Out the Sun manages to lose track of Mahone. We also see that Sucre is gone. Hey! He's escorting Mahone outside.

Agent Blots Out the Sun gives pursuit, and there's a moment when he locks eyes with Mahone in a stairwell. You can tell that both men fervently wish that looks could really kill. But then Mahone's hustled out, he's thrown into an SUV and Michael says only, "Let's go." Dr. Sara has discreetly exited out the front and gotten her car, and she circles around to get Sucre. Then -- oh, so exciting! -- Agent Blots Out the Sun has the getaway vehicle in his sights, it's moving at parade-float speed on account of all the pedestrians milling around, Agent Blots Out the Sun is hiding a gun in a newspaper so he can shoot at the scrunched-down-so-nobody-sees-him Mahone ... and then the cops pull up, so Agent Blots Out the Sun must reluctantly abandon his plan to kill someone in the middle of a crowded street in the middle of the day. Instead he does the finger-guns thing. Mahone's all, Yeah, whatever. Bellick speeds off.

When everyone pulls up at Team Scylla HQ, Mahone awkwardly says, "I don't know if, uh, you guys did this for the team or you did it for me. And I don't care. I just -- thank you." That's it. Roland does not pipe up that he had nothing to do with this, nobody hugs or high-fives, there's just some very socially-awkward standing around before everyone disperses. Dr. Sara hands over Frank Zwan's print sheet, so he's officially out of the system.

That mushy business out of the way, Mahone scampers outside and calls Agent Blots Out the Sun's number. Mahone opens with, ""I got your message." "I was wondering when you were going to call," Agent Blots Out the Sun drawls. Mahone says, "You told my wife you wanted me to turn myself in. So, ah, why don't you tell me where to go and I'll meet you? Let's get this over with." Two notes here: first, I'd be distraught if I weren't convinced this is Mahone setting a trap. Second, I love that he refers to Pam as "his wife." It's such a nice little detail. Agent Blots Out the Sun snots about how "there's a great deal of things for us to talk about." Mahone's all, "Really? Because I'm only in the mood to discuss how you killed my son." Agent Blots Out the Sun claims it was nothing personal, merely the way the One World Conspiracy operates, but Mahone is not having any of that: "I promise you, we will meet again. And when we do, I'm going to show you just how personal things can get." Agent Blots Out the Sun merely cocks an eyebrow at that.

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Prison Break




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