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Perhaps a new team captain?

Pope storms into the guard's room, where Geary is about to get served up a heaping dose of prison karma. "What brings you to our little clubhouse?" Bellick asks. But Pope is in no mood for idle chitchat. He storms over to Geary's locker and begins tossing it, only to find C-Note's wad of bills, Westmoreland's watch…and the burnt guard's shirt that Westmoreland obviously planted in his locker.

Cut to Geary in street clothes, being led out of Fox River as he protests his innocence to a contemptuous Bellick. "Don't look at me like I'm some con. You're as crooked as scoliosis," he snaps at Bellick. "I don't get caught," Bellick snarls back at him. And when Bellick can look down his nose at you, you have really hit rock bottom professionally. At the same time Geary departs center stage, the van carrying Lincoln off to meet his son drives by. I'm sure that will go smoothly -- things so often do on this show.

Back at the law offices of Dullard, Dimwit, and Donovan, Veronica is working late into the night, as Nick peers at her from around a doorway. Since this is not suspicious in the least, he then picks up a cell phone and simply says, "She's here. I've got her." Then he hangs up the phone and gets to work burning the filmed footage revealing who's actually responsible for the Kennedy assassination.

Meanwhile, Michael returns to his cell, where a smiling Westmoreland welcomes him home. That reminds Michael -- "Pope wanted me to give you this," he says, handing back the pocket watch to Westmoreland. Presumably, the heart-tugging scene where C-Note is reunited with his Benjamins will be shown next week.

Sitting in the van as it speeds toward Chicago, Linc is enjoying the desolate Midwestern scenery; apparently, solitary confinement really can play tricks on a man's mind. Linc is so busy enjoying the view, in fact, that he barely has time to notice the semi-truck that comes blaring down a cross street, just in time to T-bone the van, sending it and its contents spinning wildly toward the side of the road. Why do I have a feeling this show suddenly turned into a remake of The Fugitive?

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Prison Break




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