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Perhaps a new team captain?

Back in the Land of the White Smocks, Michael is trying to remind Haywire that users are losers. When that fails to get a response, it's off to the supply closet for the next round of Upchuck Theater. Ah, but it turns out that Haywire was just playing possum and is not at all the blissed-out, doped-up weirdo he appeared to be -- instead he is righteously pissed. "You should be careful when you tell people to remember things, Michael," Haywire says, as he grabs Michael by the throat. "Because I remember everything now. I remember how you set me up." Oh, and judging by the sketch Haywire has just revealed, he also remembers what the missing chunk of Michael's flesh looks like: "Your pathway. Your map. Your escape." So that's the good news for Michael -- too bad he remembered that other thing, too. Haywire threatens to tear up his drawing unless Michael agrees to clue him in on the escape plans. Fortunately, Michael has the entire commercial break to mull over this dilemma.

When we return, Michael is showing Haywire where the map leads -- from the basement to a hatch in the coal room to the pipe system to the infirmary. "I just need to get out of psych ward to set things up," Michael says. "But three days after I'm gone, I'll come back up through the basement and get you out." This seems like just another empty campaign promise to Haywire, who's been let down so many times in the past by people with escape plans tattooed on their bodies. "I need you to trust me," Michael says, reaching for the map. Haywire hands it over, on one condition: "If you try to screw me over again, I'll kill you." Seems like a fair trade-off.

Back at his apartment, Nick sits on his couch trying not to look guilty. He fails -- he might as well be holding a bag with 30 pieces of silver in one hand and an "Ask Me About My Part in the Global Anti-Linc Conspiracy" pamphlet in the other. Naturally, this is all too subtle for Veronica's keen powers of observation, as she returns to the apartment blathering on about her efforts to spring Lincoln so that he can visit L.J. in the hoosegow. She does notice that Nick found a charger for Dead Quinn's cell phone, however. "Why didn't you plug it in?" she asks. "Because I was too busy selling you out," he replies. Or maybe he just makes up some story about how he was thinking. "About what?" Veronica asks. "About how I've doomed you," he says. Or "nothing." He could have said "nothing." Anyhow, the charger works, and they have all 322 numbers in Quinn's phone book. What do you want to bet that 321 belong to mysterious men who menace people in electronics stores?

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Prison Break




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