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Perhaps a new team captain?

Speaking of betting, we follow a long Scorsese-esque shot through the maze of hallways leading to the Fox River kitchen, where the poker game in which our heroes hope to win the necessary $500 is in full swing. It's five-card draw, and the game's organizer, Jesus, is encouraging C-Note to bet with greater alacrity. To keep the suspicions of Jesus and his cohorts at bay, T-Bag directs some light-hearted racial taunting C-Note's way. C-Note shoves a wad of bills into the pot, calling the bet. Jesus reveals that he's holding a set of queens, only to discover that C-Note's beaten him with a full house. "That's a concept a Mexican should be familiar with," T-Bag says. Yep, that light-hearted racial taunting is really going to throw them off your scent there, my man.

Back at the heart of the World's Largest Conspiracy (motto: Not in on it? You will be soon), Kellerman is tattling on Brinker to Madame Vice President. "Whatever their agenda is with Burrows, it is not the same as ours," Kellerman sniffs. "This whole business with his father -- it interferes with the one thing we set out to do in the first place: put Lincoln Burrows in the ground." That's the problem with most widespread conspiracies reaching the upper echelons of power -- they tend to lose focus. That's why I prefer that my conspiracies are limited to a handful of tight-knit cohorts that I can really trust. The Vice President suggests the same thing: "Maybe it's time we broke ranks." "You do that, they'd pull support for the campaign," Kellerman warns. "That is, if they know, Paul," the Vice President retorts. And then she and Kellerman laugh sinisterly and twirl their mustaches and finish tying up the damsel to the railroad track.

Or maybe we just cut back to the poker game, where T-Bag is busy sniffing all the money. The money immediately demands to be steam-cleaned. As T-Bag shuffles the deck, Jesus declares that this will be the last hand: "I'm tired of losing all my money today." Then, you're going to be really unhappy in a scene or two, bub, since T-Bag is dealing C-Note what looks to be a 10-high straight. Or it would have been a 10-high straight had T-Bag not accidentally flipped over the 10 of diamonds when trying to deal it to his compatriot. The other players call for a misdeal, burying the card and finishing up the hand -- "house rules," Jesus says with menace, which is why I usually choose to do my poker-playing in a reputable casino with honest dealers instead of in a prison kitchen with a white-supremacist pedophile card shark. Unless, you know, the action's good. Anyhow, T-Bag deals C-Note a two of diamonds, giving him a handful of nothing.

While we wait to see how T-Bag and C-Note are supposed to win a hand without, you know, cheating, Pope pokes his head into Lincoln's cell to let him know that the petition requesting that he be allowed to meet with L.J. has been approved. This keeps Veronica's perfect record intact and illustrates more vividly than ever why her clients would be better off putting their legal fates in the hand of disbarred shysters who got their degrees from unaccredited off-shore law schools. Pope marvels about this turn of events -- he's never seen it happen. "Good lawyers," Linc says. "No lawyer's that good," Pope counters. You got that right.

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Prison Break




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