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The episode begins with Agent Blots Out the Sun calling General Von Baldy and letting him know that "there's been a complication. Burrows and Scofield have been transferred to --" "I read the report," Von Baldy snipes. We find out that Agent Blots Out the Sun is under the impression that the boys are in a federal penitentiary, and he's made it his mission to find out which one. General Von Baldy orders, "No more updates. Call me when they're dead." Let's hope he doesn't decide to hang out by the phone -- knowing Michael and Lincoln's knack for staying alive, he'll be sitting there a while.

Meanwhile, Team Scylla has landed in Los Angeles and are strolling off the plane all calm and refreshed. (As someone who is writing this recap whilst winging across the country, I can only hope to exit the plane looking as cool and collected as Dr. Sara does.) Don Self says, "People who have escaped from not one but two penitentiaries are considered something of a flight risk. So we need to know where you are and what you're doing at all times. These are GPS ankle monitors. Now step up, take one, and put it on." Lincoln objects. Don Self smacks him down with, "Let's make this clear. I'm your ally, but more importantly, I'm your boss, which means if this fails, it's my ass on the line as much, if not more, than yours. So from this point on, if I ask you to do something, you do it. If I ask you to say something, you say it. If I ask you to put on a monitor, you put on a monitor." Mahone -- who looks so bad, it's as if he rode in coach, in the middle seat, forgot to bring food on board and lost his luggage -- strides forward to take the first monitor. Michael quickly follows suit with the second. The next shot is of Lincoln affixing the monitor over his sock-clad ankle. Please don't tell me he's inadvertently doomed himself to wearing the same pair of socks all season. There's a way to get socks on and off underneath the collar, right?

Team Scylla is escorted to what looks to be San Pedro, the port right by Long Beach. Oooh, I hope they have time to go whale-watching while they're there. Don Self continues to explain, "As far as the general public is concerned, you're being detained in a supermax facility somewhere in the United States. So avoiding messy explanations and staying off the One World Conspiracy's radar... you need to keep your head down and your eyes open. You're provided cell phones, toiletries and clothing -- all the basic necessities to get you up and running." The team enters a warehouse-type facility and a nervous-looking Asian guy asks, "You... you patted these guys down before you let them in, because I can't afford to be getting shanked..." Linc only scares the guy further by angrily bellowing, "Who's this?" Meet Roland Glenn, this season's best bet for meeting a grisly and/or stupid death by the end of May 2009. Don Self mentions that Roland's part of Team Scylla whether they like it or not, and Roland's got a similar deal owing to his computer-related crimes. Michael asks, "What about step two -- the break-in?" and Don dismisses this with "You let me worry about step two. You work on finding Scylla."

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Prison Break




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