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Quick cut to everyone hunched around Roland's computer. Roland says, "I don't know how we didn't see that coming -- it makes perfect sense." Mahone adds, "It's like the nuclear launch codes. You don't give all that information to just one person." Sucre wonders how many people have Scylla. Dr. Sara and her classics to the rescue! She hips everyone to Scylla being a six-headed monster. So now we all know: there are five more pieces of Scylla they'll have to find. Near-universal dismay greets this. Michael's headache returns and he wheels away to go deal with it. And by "deal with it," I mean "Have a nosebleed that he, of course, declines to tell his girlfriend the doctor about."

Back at the Bennett place, Agent Blocks Out the Sun is about to teach a lesson in brutal living through chemistry. But before he can finish prepping all his little syringes, his phone rings. In his calm, smooth voice, Agent Blocks Out the Sun says, "I'm busy. I don't care what she looks like. Three tablespoons of water, one of honey. Nothing more. If she knows something about anything that's going on, I'm going to find it."

We cut to a dank interrogation cell in an unnamed location, and a guy holding a jar of honey comes in with a cheery "Rise and shine, bitch. It's breakfast." And who do you think is locked up? Why, it's Gretchen, the worse for wear after a torture session. (Ah, Prison Break, this may be a new record: depictions of two brutalized women in one episode.) So aren't you all glad we all know the rule that if you don't see the body thudding to the ground, it doesn't count as a death on Prison Break? It'll be interesting to see how she returns on the show -- and for how long.

Read the recap of the first part of the season premiere here. Plus, browse our gallery of the most unbelievable moments from the first three seasons.

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