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Back to Team Scylla... Dr. Sara is sitting out on the dock brooding, and Michael's getting broody as he watches her. These two are not exactly in the running for the title of America's Fun Couple. We go to Dr. Sara, who is having inconvenient flashbacks to Gretchen tying her up and torturing her. Ah, Prison Break. It's just not a season if you're not tying up some woman and physically brutalizing her, is it? Anyway, it turns out that Dr. Sara has some moderate anger management issues she needs to resolve, and she does so by pulverizing a few shipping pallets outside.

Inside, Mahone's looking at a sheaf of neatly-formatted DMV records and commenting, "I used to work with Homeland. The FBI would take days to gather this intel." Roland boasts, "The FBI should have hired me, because I could have gotten whatever info you wanted in 25 minutes, tops." We cut to Sucre looking horrified at the prospect of another freakishly smart criminal in his life. He says, "You're a hacker." Michael corrects, "He's an identity thief." Lincoln corrects Michael: "He's a douche." He then terrifies Roland further by ordering him to sit in a corner until he's needed. Roland is only too happy to comply. He's probably worried these guys are going to make him join their freaky little bald cult. (Only Mahone and Dr. Sara have anything resembling visible hair at this point.) Good news, everyone! Mahone's picked out the driver.

We cut to Michael, Linc, Sucre and Mahone staking out a car in a leafy neighborhood. Mahone leans over from the back seat to say to Michael, "You could have left me there, in jail." "Could have or should have?" Michael asks. "Maybe both," Mahone gloomily concludes. "Are you thanking me, Alex?" Michael asks. "I don't know," Mahone says. Michael dismissively tells him not to bother: "You're here because we needed you, not because we wanted you." Mahone visually confirms the driver, and Team Scylla trails him to a wedding cake of a mansion surrounded by jacaranda trees and tons of security. Michael notes, "Motion sensors, alarm systems, armed guards..." "In and out of that place without anybody knowing?" Mahone asks. Linc comments, "You better have one hell of a plan, Michael." Michael gives him a look like, Don't worry -- I have plenty of fresh new skin to tattoo as I brainstorm.

We cut to the team HQ, where Bellick is fretfully noting, "So basically, there's no way to break into the freakin' place!" "Not quickly, not without being seen," Michael says. Bellick asks if they can use the neighbors' places and maybe dig under and up. Sucre looks up, sort of amused that Bellick is now into the B&E racket. Michael vetoes that suggestion -- these mansions are not what anyone would call "close together" -- and Mahone stokes Bellick's panic further by noting that they've got a relatively short window in which to effect this break-in because the "we parked them in supermax" story is only going to hold up for so long. Linc inadvertently makes the suggestion that kicks a plan into motion: "What if we don't have to go in the house?" He reasons that the cardholder -- aka "Stuart" -- may be carrying it on him. Dr. Sara looks up from the records she's perusing to note that Stuart is the CEO of a firm called "Spectroleum," and Mahone says that's basically a guarantee of Stuart's heavy, constant security. Dr. Sara asks, "We've got to get this thing without him knowing that it's gone. So how do we get it off him? I don't know." Roland speaks up: "You don't steal the card. You copy it." Everyone turns to look at him and Roland says, "Oh, now you're interested in what I've got to say, right?"

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Prison Break




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