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We cut to Don Self hanging around a car dealership. When a salesman comes over to ask if he can help, Don just grins. When they're outside, the guy wants to know how Don found him. "I never lost you. The new nose threw me, but..." Don says. The other guy's like, "Skip to the point?" Don establishes for us that the guy used to work for the One World Conspiracy as an economic forecaster, and asks about the secure facilities. The guy snaps, "The last time I helped you, the only thing I got out of it was plastic surgery and a $100,000 paycut. So either you buy one of these exceptional family cars with above-average gas mileage, or you leave me the hell alone." Don name-drops Scylla, and confirms, "Scylla can only be used if it's plugged into a decoder box in one of the facilities. Am I right?" Jasper the used-car salesman warns that Don Self's in danger if he goes down this road: "Your government job won't protect you." Don Self grins, "Then I won't have to get caught."

Michael and Linc are staking out the mansion and musing on the difficult task ahead of them: how to get in the house with Charybdis without being seen. Michael points to the maid leaving the house and says, "We're not. She's going to do it for us."

Night has fallen and Team Scylla is presumably bunked down for the night. Dr. Sara is camping out on the yacht that's tucked into a corner of the hangar-like space. Michael comes on over and asks what she's reading. It's Aldo's note (the one Lincoln was puzzling over in the last episode), and Dr. Sara identifies it as an excerpt of The Odyssey. A doctor and a classics maven! Michael's a lucky, lucky man. She explains, "It's from that chapter in the book where Odysseus is told he has to confront the monster known as Scylla. I could be wrong, but I believe Odysseus is told [that] to continue on his path, to pass Scylla, it will require the sacrifice of six men. His only other alternative is to abandon his path and he... chooses to make the sacrifice." "That's a hell of a choice," Michael says. Yeah, where are six craven cons like Sammy, T-Bag and Lechero when you need them? Michael then tries to give Dr. Sara an out for the next day's plan -- something involving a housekeeper -- but she insists she's up for it. She heads off to bed. Michael does not follow her. These two! They make the couples in Merchant-Ivory productions look like the contestants on Rock of Love.

And now we find out how Agent Blocks Out the Sun is narrowing down his search among supermax prisons: by tying up the roommate of a lady who works in federal security and surprising that good woman when she walks in the door. He gives the security pro a choice: either share some data regarding the department of connections, or the roommate gets it.

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Prison Break




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