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Half In The Bag

Next scene: Dr. Sara's waiting at the bus stop right next to maid who works in Stuart's giant and secure mansion. I am sort of incredulous that security-minded Stuart has not thought to A) have live-in help, or B) provide secure transportation for the help. (And the lefty in me is also sort of outraged that Stuart is not paying a sufficient wage to the woman, but why would we expect the One World Conspiracy to actually pay fair market value for domestic work? They're evil, aren't they?) Dr. Sara gets her opening when the maid needs to juggle her coffee cup and her bag whilst looking for her bus pass. As Dr. Sara gets the coffee for the maid, she compliments the lady on her bag. This leads to a conversation where Dr. Sara ruefully says she can never find a good bag for her many belongings. The maid explains, "That's why I love this bag. It has so many pockets." I feel like this is a personal gift to me and my perpetual agita over Dr. Sara's messy handbag issues. As Dr. Sara looks at the bag and its pockets -- EMBRACE THE ORGANIZATION, DR. SARA! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!" -- she manages to slip Charybdis into the bag.

We cut to Michael contriving a way to test whether Charybdis is in the bag and if it's picking anything up: he calls the house, and when the maid picks up, he claims to be from the alarm company, and "We've been receiving some strange signals from the property. We'd like you to check all the windows, please. Make sure all the contacts are still active?" It's a big mansion, so who can blame the maid when she asks wearily, "All the windows?" So the maid picks up her purse (?) and goes ahead to check the windows. Roland reports that he's picking up the small stuff, and Michael smoothly talks the maid through each room, asking, "Ma'am, our systems indicate that the malfunction is coming from a room that's an office or a den?" and the maid replies, "You mean the library? Mister doesn't like me going in there." Michael puts the fear into her by saying, "I think he'd like it even less if you went home without properly setting the alarm first, don't you think?" As soon as the maid walks into library, Roland's monitoring software goes nuts. Now, all Michael has to do is stall the maid for two minutes. He does by asking the maid to stay by one specific window and hold it closed while he, ahem, "resets the security system." We have a tense few minutes, and then, the card's downloaded, the maid flees the library, and -- we see her exiting the house, checking her bag, and heading back inside the house. Linc correctly assesses that nothing good can come of that.

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Prison Break




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