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Because we can't end this episode on a feel-good note, we go to a scene where Bruce Bennett has just come home to Agent Block Out the Sun directing him "Don't turn around, unless you'd like to experience a great deal of pain in an even greater amount of time." He then gets to the point: he wants to know where Michael and Lincoln are. Unfortunately for both of them, Bruce has no idea where the boys are.

Back at HQ, Michael hands Charybdis over to the anxious Roland. But he tasks Linc with keeping Charybdis in sight at all times. Ah, good to see Michael finally developing a little insight into the criminal mind after three seasons. Sucre comes over, all giddy because "we're halfway there." I suspect what's keeping him going is the mental image of showing up on Maricruz and Teresa's doorstep, then crowing, "I'm free, baby! Sit and spin, Teresa!" while simultaneously embracing his daughter and flipping the double bird to his would-be sister-in-law. Sucre wants to know what Michael will do once this is over. He looks over at Dr. Sara and muses, "That's a good question."

We cut to Roland having a freak out: there's a lot of numbers and letters being downloaded, but it all looks like gibberish.

Michael will deal with that in a moment. He's following Dr. Sara outside and is saying, "I was going to come out here and ask you if you wanted to talk some more about what happened in Panama, but I think I already know what you're going to say." Dr. Sara asks, "Why's that?" Michael tells her, "Because you're a little like me. Because you're going to say you're fine, that you can handle it. So, um, I'll just leave it at this. I'm here. Whenever you want to talk, I'm here." Dr. Sara thanks him. Michael walks off, and Dr. Sara says as he goes, "You know, the only thing that kept me alive when I was being held was the thought of being with you." Michael's turned around, all Reeeeally? Do tell me more. Um, I mean, whenever you want to talk. She continues, "But I also knew that if anything happened to me, you would spend the rest of your life blaming yourself and punishing yourself for it, and I can't bear the thought of that." Michael gives her a look like Are you breaking up with me? Dr. Sara concludes, "So can we make a deal right now that we're even? And just wipe the slate clean? And, um, and no guilt and no responsibility. If we're going to be together, I don't want it to be out of a sense of obligation, or even that we should be because of what we've been through. I just want to start over." Michael can do that. He says, "Okay. But does that mean I have to divorce my wife?" Dr. Sara rolls her eyes as she laughs, "You are still married to a Russian stripper." "A) I've been a little busy, and B) I'm pretty sure she was Czech," Michael replies. Ah, levity! It's a good look on these two. So of course, Lincoln has to come along and ruin my good mood by breaking the news that all that capering is only the beginning. Roland explains, "If Scylla was a pizza, all we got's a slice."

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Prison Break




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