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He ain't dead, 'cause he's my brother

Michael is quizzing himself on the blueprints and the plans: he's covered his wall o' clues in index cards and is trying to see if he's memorized the correct sequences. Going by his frustrated responses, it's apparent he's not remembering everything he needs to. Eventually, Michael throws the index cards down in disgust and stalks over to answer the doorbell.

It's a delivery chick with the food, and as Michael takes his dinner, he's mesmerized by her incredibly detailed tattoos. They really are gorgeous, snaking down both arms and across her chest. I'm always in awe of people who totally commit to skin art, not only because they're getting something permanent on their skin, but because there's something they feel strongly enough about to have put on there in the first place.

Anyway, the delivery girl manages to ignore the flashing light bulb that just went off over Michael's head and asks if he wants his change. He tells her to keep it. As we go to commercials, Michael's brain is whirring. And while I appreciate the tattoo origin story, you're going to tell me it took a tattooed lady to give Monsieur Left Brain the idea? What self-respecting geek wouldn't be familiar with steganography? Or the crypto-embroidery plot device in Quicksilver? From thence, it's a quick leap to figuring out how to encode the information so it's easy to remember and difficult to detect. You'd think someone who's geeky and has the low-latency thing going for him would have thought of this already.

Commercials. Oh, look. Microsoft thinks we're all headed for the offices of the future. Only once you get a monopoly on external working environments, my Redmond friends. And in keeping with moments in media-purchasing genius: there's a car commercial for the Ford Escape.

When we get back, C-Note is prepping himself for telling his beloved Kacee and their daughter Dede something. He starts out telling Kacee, "I got to tell you something, and it's going to be really hard to hear." We see Darius eavesdropping, looking wracked with remorse. C-Note eventually stammers out that he's being shipped back off. Kacee's surprised, and Darius is shaking his head all, I do not BELIEVE that man! Dede stomps all over C-Note's heart by flinging herself in his arms and pleading, "Tell them no, Daddy!" and C-Note is nearly in tears. Ah, man, you are KILLING me, Prison Break. Darius asks if he can interrupt this tender tableau with a chore out back, and when C-Note joins him on the back deck, Darius says indignantly, "That's my sister you're lying to there!" I love it -- this reminds me of the The Wire episode "Slapstick" where all the drug dealers are totally outraged by the shooting that's knocked off an old lady's church hat. Anyway, C-Note points out that he fully expects Darius to take care of Kacee and Dede when he's gone, especially since C-Note took the rap for the truck. C-Note says fiercely, "She married a military man who knows how to take care of his business. Now, if I look like one of these thugs, what do you think she's going to do? How long do you think she's going to wait for me while I'm on the inside? Don't you ever let her know where I am. Do you feel me?"

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