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He ain't dead, 'cause he's my brother

We then switch to Michael's loft. He and Veronica lurch inside, and a drunken Michael tells Veronica, "I should call you a cab." "You should call me Veronica," she counters. Oh, she does not either. Veronica stumbles over, complaining about the burden of being a woman because of the high heels, and as she goes to take one off, she falls right into Michael's arms. Michael catches her, of course. This is how you can tell it's TV. In real life, she would have knocked him over and they both would have ended up with their faces planted in the coffee table. Anyway, the whole thing is really just an excuse for the two of them to almost kiss. Fortunately, right at the moment when they're about to lock lips, Michael's cell rings.

Ah -- it's the guy that brought them together in the first place, Lincoln. Oh, the situational irony. Michael's screening the call, and tells Veronica dully, "He'll leave a message. He always does."

And what a message Lincoln is leaving: "I need you help, bro. I'm in something bad. I can't get out of it. I need you to straighten me out, my head's messed up, and...anyway, it's important, bro. You've got to call me. You've got to call me now." Well, Michael can't, because he's too busy mentally debating whether he's drunk enough to sleep with his brother's ex-girlfriend. It turns out neither of them is that drunk. He goes to call her a cab.

Linc waits for Michael's call, but it doesn't come. He finally wheels around and heads toward the parking garage, setting this entire series' premise in motion.

Commercials. I think it's awesome that there's a car commercial in a parking garage right before the sequence where Linc is about to try and kill someone in a parking garage. Bravo, media buyers!

When we get back, we get a slow-motion sequence of Lincoln smoking a cigarette and dropping the butt on the floor of the garage. Linc! It's 2002 or thereabouts! How have you missed the first two seasons of CSI? You should know those diligent forensics types find everything. So pack out the cigarette butt. Anyway, we see Linc charging over to kill the dude, but the corpse is already slumped over the wheel of the car. Blood is pooling everywhere. Lincoln has a wild, unmoored look. Who can blame him? He had just steeled himself to kill a guy, the dude is already dead, and God only knows what that means insofar as his settlement with Bo. As Linc reels, we zip back to a monitor where all this is being recorded and watched. Hale and Kellerman are chatting about how they've got the footage they need.

Poor Linc goes tearing out of the garage and barrels down the sidewalk. As luck would have it, he just happens to run into Captain Calories, but keeps on going. Captain Calories shouts something threatening, just to keep face with his cousins. Sucre and Hector gently razz him. Sucre's too distracted to bring his A game, as Maricruz and her girlfriends are all hanging out mere yards away and he only has eyes for her. We get a long, gooey sequence in which the two of them catch each other's eyes. The tender love theme kicks in, a convenient breeze manages to make Maricruz's hair float out photogenically, Sucre's throwing off sparks...the only thing ruining this incredibly cinematic introduction to the world's greatest love story is Hector's expression. His face is visibly sliding into resignation as he realizes that Maricruz is completely ignoring him for Sucre. Oh, the serpent's just entered the garden of Eden here.

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