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He ain't dead, 'cause he's my brother

Anyway, C-Note and Darius are hanging at an El station. Darius is like, "I thought the whole point to the military was to give you mad job skillz," and C-Note is like, "Didn't teach me nothin' but cadence and kill." Also, that dishonorable discharge is making it hard to find a legitimate job. Darius points out that the lie C-Note's told Kacee -- he's on leave -- is wearing mighty thin, and he happens to know of an employment opportunity. C-Note replies, "You know I don't get down like that," and Darius protests, "It's driving a truck! A to B! That's it. Uncle Sam taught you to drive trucks in the sand, didn't he?" C-Note rolls his eyes and replies, "Yeah, and they also taught me to look inside." Darius boils it down: "It might be illegal, but it's also rent. A to B."

Michael's visiting with Lincoln and enumerating all the ways in which the trial went wrong. Lincoln asks, "What part of 'move on' don't you get?" Michael explains why he can't: "After Mom died, when it was just you and me, I remember having trouble sleeping, never knowing where you were." Where he was? Most likely eluding CPS, as both boys were incredibly young when Ms. Scofield died, if previous flashbacks mean anything. But what's one more nitpick on a timeline that clearly has no relation to linear time at all? Michael continues, "But when I'd wake up in the morning, there'd be this paper bird, an origami crane, sitting next to my bed. And I never knew what it meant exactly, but I knew it was your way of letting me know that you were checking in on me." Linc looks touched that Michael noticed this, much less remembered it. Michael smiles a little and continues, "Anyway, I looked it up. The Crane? It stands for familial obligation, watching out for your own. Maybe it's my turn to watch out for you." You can practically hear Lincoln thinking, What is the POINT of RUINING MY LIFE for you if you're only going to get involved, you IDIOT?

Michael says he'll visit the same time tomorrow, and that's when Linc drops the news that he's about to be transferred to Fox River. Whirrr! Be very quiet -- it's the sound of backstory machinery whirring along.

Commercials. So what is the most inadvertently hilarious element of The Sentinel -- the manly hoarse-off between the voices of Kiefer Sutherland and Michael Douglas, or Eva Longoria trying to play the role of a Secret Service agent? No, wait -- there's something even more inadvertently hilarious about this commercial block: it features recruitment ads for the U.S. military. Right after the segment suggesting that the same military is fond of punishing those who insist it, you know, not torture people for the hell of it. Well done again, media buyers!

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