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Tweener -- dead, yo!
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Previously on Prison Break: Michael and Linc made it to Tooele, Utah, where Westmoreland had buried his $5 million in airplane booty. However, nearly all the surviving members of Team Escarpara also had the same idea -- except for Haywire, who is apparently turning his escape into a tribute to great fiction classics of the last 300 years -- so, long recap short: six cons ended up posing as a construction crew and five of them ended up digging up the succulent Jeanette's garage. But there were six guys, you say? Yes: T-Bag took one for the team and decided to spend his time practicing his people skills on folks who actually hover above (well above) the age of consent. However, Michael inadvertently creeped Jeanette out riiiiiiight as her cop daughter pulled into the driveway. Thus spooked, T-Bag took himself a hostage...

And so we open this episode with Jeanette ruing the day she decided she didn't need to know the meaning of the word "irascible," as T-Bag shoves his filthy arm into her mouth to muffle her cries, then makes all sorts of threats about cutting her a new smile. Over at the shades, Michael's eyes bug out in panic and he whispers, "She's coming up."

Michael tensely watches the fresh-faced, young female cop stroll up the sidewalk. What he may not see: how she carefully wipes her feet before entering the house. That right there is a nicely-placed clue for alert viewers at home. The cop lets herself in, then calls, "Hey, Mom, you home?" Cut to a shot of Michael and T-Bag exchanging horrified glances: Of all the houses for Westmoreland's money to be buried under, it's the one that houses a cop's mom! Well, boys, it could have been worse: it could have been a cop who actually schooled her mother on crime prevention, and then you wouldn't have been able to get in the door.

Downstairs, Ann the cop goes through her mom's mail (or hers?) and sort of putters around until she notices the spilled ice on the carpet. Ann silently puts her hand on her pistol and heads upstairs. As she goes, we get a shot of the three bald boys pressed up against the kitchen hallway. Linc is rolling his eyes upward as he imagines how Michael will react.

Ann makes her way upstairs. Downstairs, Sucre and C-Note both look a lot less calculating than Linc, and a lot more panicky. Upstairs, Jeanette is trying to suppress her gag reflex. T-Bag's re-animated arm has got to be fragrant by now. Michael sort of dithers. Ann pulls her gun as she heads up the stairs and comes down the hall.

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