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Teddy And His Telephone
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The episode opens with someone being all stealthy as he or she climbs a set of stairs and slips an envelope with two Polaroids under the door. This distracts Linc from his task of poring over the guidebook for clues -- he was just trying to figure out why one page has written across the top margin "STAMPEDE" and the numeric sequence "614291925" down the side. Good luck with that one, Linc. (Mental dialogue: IF LINC WANT NUMBER MYSTERY, LINC CRASH ON ISLAND WITH POLAR BEAR.) Anyway, the envelope distracts Linc, and he rushes into the empty hallway to see if he can spy the deliveryman. No dice -- even if the guy were there, the light reflecting off Lincoln's glistening pecs would likely bounce back in his face and blind him. We see the photos of L.J. and Dr. Sara; each is holding a recent newspaper, and Dr. Sara appears to be pointing at something in the lower-right corner on her copy. Linc studies the photos for a while, and it's moving, except the moment gets interrupted by ominous music, and a hand on Linc's shoulder...

Linc jumps around to see a tear-stained Sucre standing damply behind him. Linc shakes his shirt back into place -- far, far more convenient than, I don't know, buttoning it -- and asks Sucre what the hell he thinks he's doing. What Sucre thinks he's doing is hitting Linc up for cash. Linc wearily sighs that he has about $50, and Sucre just as wearily replies, "No, no, no...I'm talking about the millions, Papi." Linc tells him, "You want a place to crash, I got your back. But the backpack's gone." Before Sucre can digest this, Linc adds, "Any money I dig up's for my brother. Remember him? Tall guy? Kind of thin? Busted your ass out of jail?" Heh. Linc is growing on me this season. Sucre moistly says, "I feel bad about Mike. I do, Linc. But not all of us got exonerated, you know." Linc calmly says, "I'm pretty clear on that." Sucre wetly adds, "I can't ever go home again." Linc, still calmly, "You got a problem, Sucre?" Sucre squishes, "You ain't the only one, Linc!" And then Linc busts Sucre's pity party by smacking him with the Polaroids of the hostages and snarling, "We're all guilty of something, man. All of us. Not them." Well, gosh, Sucre would love to help, but "it seems like it's only getting deeper and deeper." Sucre, shelve the break-up angst and cowboy up. He sloshes out of there when he realizes that, as far as the hierarchy of people Linc will help out is concerned, sobbing will not vault Sucre past the brother incarcerated on the eighth circle of hell or the son who's being held by the One World Conspiracy. Linc barely registers Sucre's departure because he's just noticed Dr. Sara's weird finger-pointing action going on.

And then we transition to Sona, where Sammy's doing his part to keep the weekly body count consistent. Lechero seems pleased that Sammy's met his weekly combat-to-the-death quotient. T-Bag, however, looks distinctly displeased. We see Mahone hunching like a gargoyle on the balcony above, and then we switch to Michael glaring from his corner of the courtyard. He's twiddling his fingers around one of the bolts in a support beam. I ask you: force of habit from a notably tactile thinker, or subtle indication of an escape plan forming? Splenda takes in the ruckus and asks, "Doesn't take too long for a man to become an animal, no? The smart ones go for his bunk first." Michael watches the inmates strip the body and asks, "What do the dumb ones do?" Well, here's Bellick to show us.

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