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Cellular Degeneration

Back on the outside, Sebastian is waiting for Veronica at some riverside restaurant. She's late, of course. Veronica arrives with a mouth full of apologies, and starts to tell Sebastian about Leticia. But he's not really interested in hearing about the witness who could potentially exonerate her ex-boyfriend. Believe me, Veronica, we've all been there. Sebastian asks her if she wants to get married, or not. She talks about delaying the wedding, but he tells her that if she wants to postpone it, he'd rather cancel it. She doesn't suggest doing otherwise, and he walks away. What a baby.

In his cell, Michael opens a book in which he has hidden his allen wrench. He starts to unscrew some piece of metal from the wall, and then hears Bellick's voice. He stands up and slips the wrench into his pocket just as Bellick enters his cell. It seems Bellick has found him a new cellmate, some dude that Bellick just happened to find in the psych ward. I have to assume that the dude was just being discharged from the psych ward and needed a cell, not that Bellick somehow arranged his transfer out of psych ward into the general population. Because that would strain my credulity. Of course, in a world where an "unnamed White House source" (i.e., Karl Rove) can tell a newspaper that the Governor of Louisiana never declared a state of emergency despite the fact that incontrovertible evidence demonstrates that she made such a declaration on August 26, I guess anything might happen. Bellick shows Michael's new cellmate into the cell. His name is Haywire, and I agree with certain forum posters that he looks an awful lot like a crazy (er, make that "crazier") version of Mark Ruffalo. As the cell door closes, Bellick warns Michael not to make eye contact with Haywire.

Out in the yard, Linc is in his caged area while Michael doesn't even pretend to rake. They walk side-by-side, and Michael breaks the news to Linc about Haywire being assigned as his cellmate. Linc thinks there's no way they can let Haywire in on the plan, so Michael decides he'll have to work at night, while Haywire sleeps. And he couldn't have done that with Sucre because…? A guard yells at Michael to step ten feet away from Linc's cage. As soon as the guard walks away, the two of them start speaking again. Linc asks how many days behind they are; it turns out that they are three days behind. Linc: "I thought you said the margin for error was zero days?" That is indeed what Michael told him.

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