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Cellular Degeneration

On the outside, a car drives down a rundown road. The car parks under a tree, and Kellerman and Hale get out. Kellerman is full of appreciation for the beauties of nature. He opens the trunk, and Leticia kicks out at them, but she doesn't do any real damage. So, just to be clear, while Kellerman was in Veronica's office, Hale presumably abducted Leticia from a crowded law office, took her out of the building, and then stuffed her in the trunk while the car was parked on a busy Chicago street? I guess if this can happen…well, you know the rest (sadly enough). Kellerman pulls Leticia (who is bound and gagged) from the trunk, and tells Hale to take her into the woods and shoot her. Hale tries to talk him out of it, but it's clear who the top is in that relationship -- Kellerman doesn't even argue with Hale. He just tells him to take Leticia about a hundred yards into the woods. Hale takes her about thirty yards into the woods, forces her to the ground, and apologizes for what he's about to do. And then we hear the horn of a train -- Hale looks up, startled, and Leticia takes the opportunity to run. Hale shoots and misses, and then chases her. Kellerman runs into the woods as well. With his second shot, Hale hits Leticia in the leg. She continues to try to escape, but it's no use. In seconds, Hale is just a few feet away from her. The tape has fallen from her mouth, and she begs him for her life. He hesitates. And then Kellerman blows her away. Kellerman tells Hale to pick up the casings, and walks away.

It's nighttime, and Michael gets out his wrench from its hiding place in his brightly lit cell. He squats down on the toilet and starts working with the wrench again. He hears springs creaking, and looks up to see Haywire staring down at him. Michael asks him what his problem is. Haywire gives him the literal answer: "I got a neuroanatomic lesion affecting my reticular activating system." Michael asks for a translation, and Haywire tells him, "It means I don't sleep. At all." The only thing less believable than this? "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job down here." Michael is so boned. And not in the way many of you seem to want to see.

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