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Tancredi steps out into the hallway, where Bellick is muttering something to the other two guards. Tancredi suggests that he start an investigation, but he tells her that they already know what happened: "There was a pair of gardening shears left on the floor of the shed. Evidently, he stepped on 'em." Tancredi wonders how these magical gardening shears cut through Michael's boot, and why said boot was already removed from Michael's foot when he arrived at the infirmary, but Bellick blows her off.

Michael lies in his bunk in his cell, a bandage on his bloody toe. He broods, and wonders what the fuck he got himself into.

Out in the yard, Michael limps along as he rakes the immaculate grass. He's near Linc's private enclosure (of course), and Linc is furious at Abruzzi, announcing his intention to kill him. Michael has calmed down considerably, and he points out that Linc can't kill Abruzzi, because he's important to their escape. Michael asks Linc, "You ever hear of Top Flight Charters?" Linc has heard of this famous aeronautics concern, but Michael decides not to let that fact derail the Exposition Express -- he proceeds to tell Linc all about Top Flight anyway. Top Flight flies out of a nearby airfield, and Abruzzi secretly owns the company. They need him in on the escape so that he can fly them to safety after the big break. Linc can't believe Michael is going to rely on Abruzzi, and Michael tells him, "Preparation can only take you so far. [Or, based on what we saw in the first two episodes, not that far at all.] After that, you have to take a few leaps of faith." Linc has no faith in Abruzzi, but Michael (still the chief engineer on the Exposition Express) tells Linc that the person they're really going to have to have faith in is Sucre. Linc (the junkie and gambler) thinks that it's unwise to trust a thief like Sucre. Linc wonders how well Michael knows Sucre. Michael responds, "About as well as a man can, in a week." Michael, honey, I think you could get to know Sucre a lot better in a week, if you really wanted to try. Michael points out that if he can't bring his cellmate on board, there will be no escape. Credits.

Out in the yard, Sucre is using the pay phone (which shockingly enough does not bear a product-placed logo) to call Maricruz. But he gets her answering machine. He tries to get her to pick up the phone by telling her how much he's been thinking about her body. And then her mother answers the phone. Heh. Mamacruz is pretty cold to Sucre (whose real name is Fernando, by the way). When he asks where Maricruz is, she tells him that she's with Hector. Sucre tries to plead his case with Mamacruz, but she tells him that she thinks he should let Maricruz get on with her life. She agrees to pass a message to Maricruz, and hangs up. Sucre smashes the receiver against the phone booth a few times. Which is the main reason I have trouble believing the pay phones would be out there -- they would surely get broken pretty quickly. But then again, the former First Lady had the gall to imply that poor people displaced by the hurricane were making out like bandits because they got a cot and a few free meals, so I guess anything is possible.

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