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Somewhere in the prison (in a room with the words "no talking" painted all over the walls), Bellick asks Sucre how his "boneyard visits" with Maricruz are going. Heh. "Boneyard." Bellick points out that conjugal visits are only supposed to be for married inmates. Sucre begs him not to take away his visits with Maricruz, and Bellick tells him that he won't, provided that Sucre tells him what he knows about the cell phone. The scene ends before we see what Sucre says.

Linc and Michael are painting a column in the same room where Michael hid the cell phone. Sucre enters with Bellick and a couple of guards on his tail. They all walk towards the general area where the phone is hidden…and then Bellick has Sucre take over painting for a prisoner being transferred to administration. Michael looks pleased with himself. Linc, in a completely normal tone of voice and with a guard standing about three feet away from him, tells Michael, "He didn't talk." After the guards have left, Sucre walks up to Michael and tells him that he had better be able to make all the calls he wants. Michael: "That'll be kind of hard." And then he hands the phone to Sucre, who snaps it in half. It was carved out of soap. Okay, first of all, that had to have been the biggest bar of soap ever created. Second of all, I don't think a bar of soap would really snap in half like that. Third of all, when the fuck did Michael have time to carve that thing? I'd say it's completely unbelievable, but in a world where the braintrust at FEMA can send a planeload of hurricane evacuees to Charleston, West Virginia instead of Charleston, South Carolina, I suppose anything is possible.

Sucre is pretty pissed that he lost his conjugal visits over a bar of soap. He's not impressed with Michael's plan to help him escape so he can spend all his time with Maricruz, since he only has sixteen months left on his sentence and he'd rather not end up on the lam for the rest of his life. Michael, confronted with actual logic, seems a bit flummoxed. He's sorry that Sucre lost his conjugals, but he tells him, "I had to test you. See if you could keep a secret." Sucre tells Michael that if he digs in their cell while Sucre is there, he'll "split [Michael's] wig." I just don't know what that means, but it doesn't sound fun. And then Sucre storms out of P.I. Doesn't he still have painting to do? Linc tells Michael, "That went well." Commercials.

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